People ask doctors why there handwriting is so bad. Let's take a look on their replies

A doctor passed through many difficult exams and many of them are writing in low time so his handwriting became bad.not only the doctors every human when writing a lot in low time his handwriting became bad. So how the person who gave us medicines by doctors bad handwritten prescription knows. The truth is they don't know what the doctors have written so how they know? He can give the medicines by the patient's problem or he can read the first word. But sometimes he can't understand the doctor's handwritten prescription and his guess the wrong medicine to the patient and the patient's problem became more serious. Many people died in that accident. Every country has a rule for the doctors they have to write capital words every time but doctors are not following the rules. Many people died for the doctor's handwriting. These need to stop and it is our fault to get the doctors in the correct way. When we have somebody's problems we go to the doctor and he gave us a prescription then that is the perfect time to tell the doctor to write capital letters he can't tell us any because it is the government rule to write capital letters. We need to be careful because we have an accident in no time. It's not only a doctor's fault it is the fault of the Christian who gave us medicines by doctor's bad handwritten prescription he has many options but for his uncarefulness, many people die every month. He can ask the doctor or he can give correct medicines by knowing the correct problem but many of them are very lazy but 80 percent of Christians are good and do their work perfectly.

            By  Pritam panda 

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James - Oct 27, 2019, 2:03 PM - Add Reply

Very good

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