Why do we join hands while prayer?

Why do we join our hands while praying?

While doing the prayer posture of our hands acts as a dipole antenna. That means the posture of hands actually acts as a communication system between some supernatural powers generally called panchayats. As every natural body has some vibrations, they create or generate energy in some postures. Sometimes if the body carries pure heart or sou, tremendous energy is produced. It can be literally seen like Buddha's halo. So those people are named as Gurus. Just by watching them or visualizing their image we common people can bring down the agitated minds. And certainly, attain peace and tranquility.

The joining of hands is called respect to the god in Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, etc.

It is also said that joining hands helps us balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Which means it takes us to a deep meditative state, which is the main reason for praying. 

According to history people tell that joining hands and praying makes our heart and soul pure and if we don't do so we will be going to hell where punishments will be given due to the sins committed by us during our lifetime. And we should tell god our wishes by joining our hands and god will be fulfilling our wishes. 

But actually it is not like that when we join our hands it acts as an antenna and some kind of energy will be generated. Due to this energy, the whole universe will react and our mind, our heart will come to a stable stage and our will power will be increased. Due to this will power increment, we can ourselves get what we want and we will fulfill our wishes. Not by joining hands, there are many postures in which we can increase our will power.

Finally, we can conclude that each and every part of our history has scientific proof that can be proved sooner or later.

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Uday kiran reddy katam - Dec 4, 2019, 5:56 PM - Add Reply


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muhammad iqbal - Dec 6, 2019, 1:55 AM - Add Reply

true spirits of praying you have mentioned here thanks

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