Gaming is good

Gaming is one of the interesting things for youths this day. They love to play games. Gaming has been started from the year 1970 till now, the games we play are being upgraded day by day. So, the first thing I am gonna talk about

Is Gaming Good For Us

Yes, Gaming is good for us, we have learnt a lot of things from gaming. We have learnt many words from playing games, We have learnt words like 'resume', 'main menu etc. from games. Games give us idea about stealth how can we dodge someone without them noticing you. Games gave us a lot of knowledge about guns, Game gives us knowledge about coordination games are entertaining for people. Games can be interesting and can sharpen our minds. Games can be good to upgrade reflexes, playing games has developed our brains. Games like Geometry Dash Helps to make our reflexes good. A Good Video game is challenging, entertaining and complicated. It usually takes 50 to 60 hours to concentrate to finish one. Even kids who can't sit in schools can sit and solve a computer game for hours. Video Games are innocent of most of the charges against them. Video Games and computer games have the potential to inspire learning. And they can help players improve coordination and skills. The Captivating power of video games might lie in their interactive nature. Players just don't sit and watch. They get to participate in the action and solve problems. Some games allow players to make changes in the game, allowing new possibilities.

And kids who play games often end up knowing more about computers than their parents do. Kids today are natives in a culture in which their parents are immigrants. Video Games can enhance reading skills, too. In the game animal crossing, for instance, players become characters who live in a town full of animals. Over the course of the game, you can buy a house, travel from town to town, go to museums, and do other things. All the while you're writing notes to other players and talking to the animals. Because kids are interested in games, they often end up reading at a level well above their grade, even if they say that they don't like reading. Looking on the bright side of video games could also help bring kids and adults closer together, Playing Games could also help bring kids and adults closer together. Playing games can be a social activity, during which kids and adults learn from each other. By opening up lines of communication and understanding, maybe one day we'll praise the video games for saving our society, not blame them for destroying it.


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