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This is all about the wonderful mysteries of the world.
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169 Hits - Apr 1, 2020, 6:59 PM - Ashish Dutt
The Deja vu is the most common and strange experience being felt many times in ours. This article will put...
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This article would reveal the fact behind randomly arranged keys on the keyboard.
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This Is Jupiter's Journey.
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This article tell about how many types of book are there in the world.
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53 Hits - Mar 28, 2020, 2:36 PM - Naima
Do you have ever realized in the world you are living is what? Have you ever observed anything keenly? This world in which we are living id wonderfully superb. The more you know the more you get interested in it. For example, the most common thing i.e. wall, when we look at what we think about its composition (Bricks, Cement) but by observing more keenly we start thinking about the atom and its components. But it is the most amazing thing about it is its size. It can be understood by this that a point can have 2 million atoms. Still, it's not the end. Then comes its particles. Mostly we are aware of electrons, protons, and neutrons (The fundamental particles) but it has more than 100 of such sub-atomic particles like a neutrino, antineutrino, etc. Then comes the concept that of what do these components are made of? The answer comes of small wave packets of energy called Quarks. It was regarded as the smallest thing in the universe. But according to the researches they are also made up of string-like structures. That's why the STRING THEORY is called the theory of everything. Still, it's not the end. There are many secrets which are to be revealed...!!!
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Top 10 cutest animals in the world you never knew about...😊😊
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Classification of work focusing on the management and processing of through database, computer technology, or other means.
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In this article, we will talk about the world's energy sources that provided by our nature and how it is...
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