Chinese Coins Will Bring Prosperity...

Chinese Coins Will Bring Prosperity


Here are some Chinese Coins Remedies mentioned in this article, I tried to put some information here :


  • According to Feng Shui, the use of red ribbon coins in the door of the house increases the wealth and prosperity of the house. Hanging coins in the door handle of your home enhances your fortune. Putting only 3 coins in and out of the door of your house will prevent Lakshmi from coming to the door.

  • You can tie all three old red Chinese coins in a red cord to your home. Hanging in the handle also brings good luck.


  • Hanging inside these coins doors will give you more benefits. Don't just hang coins in the main gate handle.


  • If any part of the body is visible in the mirror during sleep, it is likely to cause pain in the body. You should avoid sleeping in this way.


  • Do not keep head in front of door while sleeping. It increases mental pressure.


  • Keep the long-lived and crystal-based tortoises in the east of the house.


  • It is considered auspicious to hang a pair of fish at home. Considered the best of luck. Its influence increases Lakshmi ( money ) in the house. Effeciency increases.


  • Carry Chinese Coins inside your purse for an abundance of wealth and money.


  • Crap and Goldfish use eight red and one black fish in an aquarium or koi pond. Place aquarium just inside front door, on the north wall or in the southeast sector of home to simulate wealth.


  • You can hang this coins in your car to bring good ventures and protection whenever and wherever you go.


  • If you are running a business, you can position the coins under your cash box or register and on the sides to enhance money luck.


  • These coins can be used as a cure for negative effect of the illness.

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