Top 4 Most Healtheist Habit which everyone should do

1) Yoga-- This is the most important thing to do in the morning. Start your day with yoga for just 15-20 minutes. By doing yoga, you remain active all day, and you may not feel lazy or stressed. Doing yoga for just 15-20 minutes increases your metabolism, makes you healthy and builds your immunity.


if you are a student or an office worker, then I recommend you to do yoga because nowadays students are feeling very lazy the whole day and they can't do any work, so I recommend this habit to follow every morning for just 15-20 minutes. You can do any yoga by watching on youtube, and I recommend a channel known as Fit tuber, which is best for those who show interest in health and healthy eating.


2)Meditation-- It is also yoga, but I keep it aside because many people don't know the benefits of Meditation's most powerful yoga. This Meditation is the best thing to do every morning, just for 5-10 minutes. By doing Meditation, you can feel fresh and start the day with full energy. And meditation also helps you keep your mind calm and cool and take away stress or any depression if you have. I recommend this yoga for those facing the problem of depression; by doing daily meditation for just 5-10 minutes, you get relief from the depression within a month, and you will be happy every day.


3)Tulsi Water-- Many people often drink tea or coffee in the morning, believing that they could use energy and feel fresh, but it is not that; the tea or coffee can make you fresh, but it also harms you of your drink for a long. So I recommend you to avoid this have one glass of fresh, pure Tulsi water every morning. This Tulsi water keeps you away from diseases and makes you fresh every morning. And this Tulsi water also boosts your metabolism.


This Tulsi water also increases your work efficiency, and you can now do work till night without any stress. These Tulsi leaves are available all around, and most people plant tulsi in their house. And this tulsi water can also be used to treat high fever and cold. So I recommend you drink one glass of tulsi water and avoid tea or coffee in the morning.


4)Healthy and Light breakfast-- It is the most important thing in the morning, which everyone does, but they don't eat a healthy breakfast. So I recommend avoiding heavy and Jon nutritious breakfast in the morning like Maggi, Paratha, Rice, etc. I recommend you have a light breakfast in the morning because you felt lazy and stressed eating a heavy breakfast and not doing any work. So by eating a healthy breakfast, you may get energy and the potential to do work.


These were some of the habits which may help you to keep your body healthy and strong. You may remain disease-free because today is Coronavirus's time, and it is the deadliest virus that can destroy your immune system. Hence, I recommend you to follow these healthy habits, and you can also view my other articles like the top 5 healthy drinks that may boost your immune system.



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