Starting Business without any capital investment

Capital is money or initial investment that is essentially needed to start a business. This is the first major step in the life of any new entrant in the business world, without capital investment it is hardest way to start a business. But there is a way to start a business without capital investment. There are few paths that can lead someone to start a business without any capital investment.

Path No. 1 : Consultancy Business. Start your business life from providing consultancy to other about what you can do the best. The only business that can be started without initial investment is consultancy. It depends on what services one can provide at best of his knowledge. Like teaching is a best source to earn money without capital money. You need to critically examin your skills you have in yourself to be delivered with others. Teaching is now also easy source to earn money. One can use electronic and modern ways of teaching like using social web sites and apps to deliver the lectures. 

Path No. 2 : Online earnings platforms  or websites. There are numerus free websites that allow you to spread your words and paid for it. The major one is Also there are web sites that pay you for waching the videos or advertisments. The blogs are best example of online earning source.

Path No. 3 : Marketing. The one source of earning is marketing others product through your own sources like your own social web pages can help you to sell your Clients products to your followers customers. One can use many web sites same times for marketing the product. Marketing is one of highly paid job and a good source of earning. One have to be creative in idea to sell the product to others.

I found these three paths to start the business without any capital investment. If any one has a better idea please share in remarks.

Hope this could help others to start a good business.

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