Kohli claims semifinal loose beacuse of him.

Virat Kohli the Indian skipper claims the reason for India's loose in the World cup semifinal this year. Kohli in his recent interview said that they lost the match because of his ego.

He also said that he was sure for the win and he had told to his teammates that he will finish the match and will come not-out. 

In Ms dhoni's role, he said that we made the wrong decision of sending him back after Hardik Pandya. We were in the plan that we need an experienced player lower down the order to finish the match but unfortunately, this didn't happen. 

Kohli was addressing the media on an inspiration series of his carrier launch. He talked to the media about his relationship with Ms. Dhoni and the role of Anushka Sharma in his carrier.  

He considered Ms dhoni as the reason he is successful this much. He has learned things and developed them by seeing him.  He talked about the role he plays in the team and dressing room. He said it will be totally his decision when he wants to come to the team.  We all are waiting for him as soon as he will be available for selection he will come to the team. 

She was the first person whom I told the biggest thing happened to me of the captaincy of Indian cricket team. I called Anushka and told her about that.  I was really much depressed when Ms. Dhoni left the captaincy of the Indian Test team. He said that Ansuska is his strength and everything after his country and family. 

He was talking to the media on Tuesday for a launch of an inspiration talk show which was to motivate and highlight his achievements in his short cricket carrier as Indian team batsman and Skipper.

It all ended and the interview will be on air soon this week. 


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