Yes! exams are one of the biggest tension in student life. If you are a student, you can correlate my words. 

Why are exams so stressful ??

Firstly, I am going to discuss why the exams are so stressful?

Actually, exams are not stressful, but most of the students make it stressful for them. What most of the students do is that they will not study the whole year, and they will start studying just before 1 week of examination. If you study in this way, then it is obvious that it will give you a lot of workloads and you will feel stressed. 


Another thing is that they think a lot about what people will say if they will not get good marks. It's not your duty what people will say. So focus on your studies and prepare well and don't care about what people will say.

How to make it easy!

If you want to make your exams easy, then you will have to prepare for it.

You should divide the whole syllabus into different parts and focus on just one part at a time. Don't think about the whole syllabus.  In this way, your mind will get less workload and it will be more efficient. 

How to use technology in studies!

Most of the students these days are busy on Instagram, Fb, youtube, and other social media. They are not using them for their benefit but they are wasting their time.

Youtube is a very good place for students.  I am explaining how. If you don't understand a particular topic in your school/class, they can take help from youtube.  There are lot of channels on YouTube which provide topic-wise videos free of costs. You can watch any videos at your home. In this way, you can recover any topic.

Role of Parents!

Parents play a very important role in a student's life. But sometimes, they just want their children to score more marks.  They forget that learning is more important than marks. Parents should not put pressure on their children to score marks rather they should encourage their children for learning. 

One day before the examination!

What to do one day before the examination?

Don't take much stress about exams just before the exam. Take it easy. Take a good sleep just before the exam at night. Relax your mind. And don't study something which you haven't studied earlier, just revise those things which you have already studied. 

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