Convert health to wealth by physical exercise !

Physical exercise means the movement of the limbs of our body according to rules. Some good forms of exercise are walking, swimming, rowing, riding, playing, etc. Walking is the best form of exercise for all ages. Physical exercise makes us healthy wealthy, strong and active. It helps a person to fight against diseases. It ensures good health. Most of the patients are advised by the doctor to take physical exercise. I ti is sure that a poor man having good health is happier than an unhealthy man. So we should take physical exercise from our childhood. Health is wealth in the sense that all the wealth of any sort that one wants to possess can be had only if one is healthy! Suppose a man wishes to enjoy his life to the maximum. For this, he requires an abundant supply of resources such as money, luxuries, a company of like-minded friends, etc. Suppose he has all of these except health. Do you think he will be able to enjoy life? No, not at all! Life's luxuries can only be enjoyed only when one is healthy. A diseased millionaire will not be able to enjoy half as much as a healthy laborer who just manages to make both ends meet. As life's delicacies can only be relished in pure health; not in abundant resources. To ensure your health first, before you go on a wild goose chase of any other sort of wealth. This wealth of health can only be earned and preserved through self-discipline, abstinence, the exercise of body and mind, meditation, gratitude, and cheerfulness. So one must give due to place to proper nutrition, self-control, physical exercises, proper sleep, laughter, and meditation. By this, you can convert your lazy body into an active and strong body. Every Body should follow this.

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