Top 7 unknown facts about MS Dhoni

Dhoni was recommended as captain of team India by Sachin Tendulkar.

In 2007 when Rahul Dravid give up the captaincy of India because he did not focus on his batting. Then BCCI offered Sachin for captaincy but Sachin refused the role. In a public meeting of BCCI. Former BCCI chief and noted politician Sharad Pawar has revealed that Sachin Tendulkar suggested MS Dhoni’s name for India’s captaincy in 2007. In the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup dhoni did the captaincy for team India and won team India.  Dhoni became the first and only captain in international cricket to claim all ICC Trophy.



Learned the famous helicopter shot from his closest friend

He learned the famous helicopter shot from his friend Santosh Lal, who was a former Ranji player in Jharkhand cricket. He was a childhood friend of MS Dhoni, whom he taught how to play the helicopter shot. Santosh Lal died of pancreatitis aged 29.



The most expensive bat

In 2011 when India won the world cup trophy in Wankhede Stadium (Mumbai) after 28 years. the finishing shot was played by M.S Dhoni. He sold his 2011 world cup bat for RS. 83 lacs and donated all the money to help poor children in India.



Dhoni holds the honorary rank in the territorial army

On November 1, 2011, dhoni was given the title of lieutenant colonel by the Indian territorial army. In 2015, he became a qualified paratrooper after having completed five parachute training jumps from Indian army aircraft in the Agra training camp. Now dhoni retired from the Indian team no doubt dhoni would love to be spending lots of time on duty.



His love for other sports

we know, Ms dhoni is the most popular and successful cricketer in the world. Apart from being a cricketer dhoni is also very interested in other sports. Dhoni excelled in badminton and football. He was a goalkeeper for his football team and was sent to play cricket for a local cricket club by his football coach. Even today, dhoni loves to flaunt his football skills and has played for several charity matches in Mumbai. He was also spotted playing football with Bollywood actors like Arjun Kapoor. The keeper-batsman himself admits that football played an important role in his career. He was selected for district and club-level football in school.



His long hairstyle was inspired by john Abraham's

In 2006, Dhoni was a huge John Abraham fan and wanted to keep his hair straight and long like him. When dhoni copy the hairstyle of john Abraham and made his hair like that. Everyone copied his style in India. Few people know that John Abraham and Bipasa Basu are very good friends of Dhoni. Dhoni cut his long hair short after winning the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup.



Why the long hair cut short?

After a few years, the truth finally emerged that this was indeed his beloved wife Sakshi’s ‘decision’ to have his long hair cut shorts. That’s why he cut his hair after the winning the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup and made everyone surprise.


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