Top 7 fact of MS Dhoni

Dhoni was suggested as skipper of group India by Sachin Tendulkar. 


In 2007 when Rahul Dravid surrender the captaincy of India since he didn't zero in on his batting. At that point BCCI offered Sachin for captaincy yet Sachin rejected the job. In a public gathering of BCCI. Previous BCCI boss and noted lawmaker Sharad Pawar has uncovered that Sachin Tendulkar proposed MS Dhoni's name for India's captaincy in 2007. In the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup dhoni did the captaincy for group India and won group India. Dhoni turned into the sole skipper in global cricket to guarantee all ICC Prize. 


Taken in the well-known helicopter shot from his dearest companion 


He took in the well known helicopter shot from his companion Santosh Lal, who was a previous Ranji major part in Jharkhand cricket. He was a cherished companion of MS Dhoni, whom he instructed how to play the helicopter shot. Santosh Lal kicked the bucket of pancreatitis matured 29. 


The most costly bat 


In 2011 when India won the world cup prize in Wankhede Arena (Mumbai) following 28 years. the completing shot was played by M.S Dhoni. He sold his 2011 world cup bat for RS. 83 lacs and gave all the cash to help helpless youngsters in India. 


Dhoni holds the privileged position in the regional armed force 


On November 1, 2011, dhoni was given the title of lieutenant colonel by the Indian regional armed force. In 2015, he turned into a certified paratrooper in the wake of having finished five parachute preparing bounces from Indian armed force airplane in the Agra instructional course. Presently dhoni resigned from the Indian group no uncertainty dhoni couldn't want anything more than to invest loads of energy on the job. 


His affection for different games 


we know, Ms dhoni is the most famous and effective cricketer on the planet. Aside from being a cricketer dhoni is likewise extremely inspired by different games. Dhoni dominated in badminton and football. He was a goalkeeper for his football crew and was shipped off play cricket for a nearby cricket club by his football trainer. Indeed, even today, dhoni loves to parade his football abilities and has played for a few foundation matches in Mumbai. He was likewise spotted playing football with Bollywood entertainers like Arjun Kapoor. The manager batsman himself concedes that football assumed a significant part in his profession. He was chosen for locale and club-level football in school. 


His long hairdo was roused by john Abraham's 


In 2006, Dhoni was an enormous John Abraham fan and needed to keep his hair straight and long like him. When dhoni duplicate the hairdo of john Abraham and made his hair like that. Everybody duplicated his style in India. Not many individuals realize that John Abraham and Bipasa Basu are awesome companions of Dhoni. Dhoni trim his long hair short in the wake of winning the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup. 


Why the long hairstyle short? 


Following a couple of years, reality at last arose that this was without a doubt his dearest spouse Sakshi's 'choice' to have his long hair style shorts. That is the reason he trim his hair after the triumphant the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup and made everybody shock.


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