Ms Dhoni - 6 things to learn from this legend

Ms dhoni - loving in all Indian hearts

A boy from Ranchi Jharkhand, whose name is Mahendra Singh Dhoni, he comes in this world with a lot of fate, but none of them knows the real truth about this fate; whenever the fate of Mahendra Singh Dhoni comes up, it seems that Why is it that our fate is not so?

But one thing is to learn that Not everyone has the same fate. But why we are talking about fate. Mahi does not succeed with fate but His 6 points because he is a great player today. One by one, we will get to it. 


Calmness always leads to success, and for this, you always have to be ready to be calm in every sad and good news; for this, you have to learn from ms dhoni. That is why Dhoni teaches us how you can touch the heights of success in peace life. That's why he won all the 3 championships of ICC. Calmness


Dhoni's leadership quality is so good that he brings the young generation into the middle and teaches him that he can do something good in the future. Some of the examples of players are Deepak Chahar, Ravichandran Ashwin, etc.

Leadership qualities


Dhoni is always caring infield as well as in the pavilion. The pavilion background is so good that all love to live with dhoni.  Dhoni always cares for others and his family as well as his teammates. He is always a supportive person for every close one to dhoni, even with his fans. One of his fans was in the hospital. As soon he received a message that dhoni will pass by this way only then he sat up and went to watch dhoni and suddenly, dhoni sees him that his legs were fractured, and he gave him 10 lakhs rs, and he said that I must come to your place why should you come to me that's why he shows all his care.


Dhoni always walks and runs with his team, and he always shows all of his kindness towards the team. Dhoni has never thought of himself; it is good for the team when Dhoni is ever going to be 50, but when there are 5 runs left to win, then Dhoni will win the team first by playing comfortably, and then if he gets a chance, he will complete his 50 that's what Dhoni is all aboutTeam work


Dhoni has not won every match every time, but he lost some matches, And in the same condition, they have taught them how you can win even by losing in life. The number of matches he has won in Dhoni's career; he is also a loser; this shows that he can wear victory and defeat. Dhoni is such a great player who has suffered a lot of defeat, but he never gave up on that defeat and went on to play the match, and he got all the three ICC titles in his career in such a way that his name is known all over the world today.

Failure by loosing a matvh


Whenever team India is chasing Mahendra Singh dhoni always finishes with the win because the pressure to the situation is very important because a win for India will get him to clear all bad records and this thing the only dhoni plays in a very high-pressure matchManaging pressure

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