8 Things that make men happy

If, as they say (or rather, we women) say, men are all the same, it should not be difficult to please them, but we know the reality is not enough. The truth is, having such a nature from a male, it is very difficult for us to understand how the souls of these creatures work. While we believe they would love a romantic dinner, Grateful really only wants to play video games in the afternoon.

1.Spend time with friends

If you have ever had a lover, brother, or friend in your life, then you know that this is an absolute truth. Men are completely comfortable among their fellow men. Maybe because the area there is free and they want to be as grand as they want without the intervention of women complaining about gourmet, profanity, and scattered filth. "It is an activity that produces a long and steady flow of serotonin, one of the hormones responsible for happiness," Powethway explains.

2. Be healthier than others

Health is, of course, a common concern for all people, men or women. However, clearly, our concept of health depends not only on the diseases we suffer from but also on the incidence of these diseases in the environment in which we work. Nick says, "If any of our friends suffer from the same disease, we don't feel so bad about a health problem." Being healthy compared to other people contributes to happiness.

3. Have a happy partner

Do you know when someone around you starts laughing and soon everyone around you starts laughing together, even if they don't know why? In relationships, it is something like this: A man is more likely to be happy if he has a partner who has a positive attitude towards life. According to the author of the list, "One of the secrets to having a happy marriage is a happy partner."

4. work with what they love

Who does not want to work with what they want? For Podthevi, the men who work, those who love them are so happy they don't care how much they are making. It is easy to understand why: how people spend most of their time at work, what type of activity they do, and how they feel about it is a determining factor in measuring personal satisfaction.

5. Be supportive

Helping other people makes life more enjoyable. According to Pavdavev, this statement is to feel useful as part of a community.

6. Get married

That's right, girls, marriage is not an eternal condemnation for all men, on the contrary. Nick says that they feel happier when they get married because "marriage increases men's life expectancy." However, he also states that "the majority of this happiness is felt during the first year of marriage."

7.Young or old

As children, our enjoyment seems endless. During our development, we have somehow become so obsessed with adverse conditions that we experience some crises; Finally, as we grow up, we get the same enjoyment of life that we had when we were younger.

8.Earn more than others

Of course, here is a classic example of male competition. It is not enough to have wealth; you should have more money than other people. Men, for example, always want to feel more successful than their friends and co-workers.

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