What is 'Happy Easter'?

Actually Happy Easter is trending tremendously on Twitter. But many people are caught in the misunderstanding that what happens is Happy 'Easter'.



Meaning of 'easter'

The word Easter originates from the German word "Easter" which means goddess. It is considered by the Christian community as the goddess of spring and the goddess of fertility. Due to this, there are festivals in the month of April to please. This festival is still celebrated in Europe.



What is the story of Easter Sunday?

Two thousand years ago, Jews and Roman governors had crucified Jesus on the mountain of Jerusalem. Due to which he died. It is believed that his body was buried in the tomb after Jesus died.

But three days after his death, Jesus Christ rose from the tomb on Sunday. It is also believed that the tomb of Jesus is still open today. After being alive, Jesus lived with his disciples for 40 days and gave visions to thousands of people.

It is said that Jesus did not come to resurrect any religion or caste. Rather, he came to share the message of love and truth.



How to celebrate Easter

To celebrate Easter Sunday, the people of the Christian community gather in the church at night to light a candle and awaken the whole night by taking the name of Jesus Christ and remembering the message given by him.

On Easter Sunday, everyone gathers again in the morning and celebrates Christ's resurrection by lighting a candle in the church. Worship Jesus and attend the Lord's Supper. After the banquet, one wishes the other to be alive again.

The Christian community also has a special tradition to celebrate Easter Sunday. On this day, after the Lord's Supper, everyone brings decorated candles to their homes and burns them and distributes these candles to their relatives and friends.



Easter Wishes Quotes

#1. Jesus in this world Glut of happiness Seeing you, your God Astonished heart is uncountable. Happy Easter.

#2. Jeet kiss step, always keep laughing every step of you, Na Aaye gum hum a new song of the new saaz You get a new gift of happiness every day Happy Easter Sunday.

#3. Fast High Name High tera Dham Your high work God bless everyone.

#4. Whether or not there are many relationships in life But in whatever relationship, Love and being with each other is very important May the undeserved kindness of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Happy Easter.

#5. Jeet kiss step, your every step Keep on laughing forever, don't you feel sad Hum new song hum new song You get a new gift of happiness every day.

#6. Who slaps your right cheek, Turn the other cheek towards him as well. Do not commit violence. Happy Easter 2020.



Easter Greetings

# 1.East never be happy Never let the friendship of new life be less Smile on everyone face We are proud of the country of India. Happy Easter.

# 2. Aya with Jesus in this universe Happy to see the abundance of happiness Teri aye Khuda aaya to a relaxed heart. Happy Easter Sunday 2020.



Easter Message

Happiness always on every face Everybody got their footsteps moving Support the truth, work for good Time passed by, the mercy of digging continues. Happy Easter.


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