Why Pollution Is Dominating Upon The Entire World?

The reason for the existence of pollution on planet earth is a human specie that is blotting out the nature day by day and giving birth to new and bizarre diseases. Many scientists have absorbed in plumbing the entire health of the world by gauging its intensity. I think they have discerned that its consequences would be more adverse and fatal. They are introducing gadgets and tools which can assist us to control the pollution but I think it is too much difficult to eradicate pollution from this world.

               Pollution is better defined in its various terms among them; the major terms are Water Pollution, Air Pollution and Soil Pollution, etc..

Water Pollution:

                             In the perspective of experts, Water Pollution is more lethal and baleful than others. According to some details, it causes 14000 deaths per day in the entire world see how dangerous it is.

Water pollution is usually created by ejecting some industrial waste in river or ocean, this makes the water contaminated with deadliest possibility of diseases in Human bodies, from the contamination of water, atmosphere of its contiguous areas are also contaminated and become the reason of many diseases of its inhalers. From water pollution, those people who have no longer access to use filtered water or that water which is drinkable, mostly become the prey of its diseases and mostly that group of people are poor or they have no any facility of water in their areas, they have to use that contaminated water and that group of people are mostly provoked by the deaths of their people to put up their hands against this.

Air Pollution:

                        Air pollution takes birth from industrial waste of smoke which ejects out from the chimneys of industries and also from many other things.

                        It is also a fatal kind of pollution. Smoke which doesn't only affect the living things but also the ozone layer which gives us a best and secure refuge from harmful radiations which are emitted by sun and aren't benign for us. Imagine if the intensity of air pollution reaches its limit and the ozone layer is no more than those days will be the last days of earth. But we should be optimistic about world.

Air pollution causes many fatal diseases, mostly related to the lungs. In forests, people are cutting trees but if we notice that those trees are the better source of eradicating air pollution, then we are doing this work as a sin. This is the most adverse thing, cutting trees which assist us in living a concerted life about the atmosphere, so the Question is why we are doing this sin?

Soil Pollution:

                         Soil Pollution takes place when industrial garbage or toxic chemicals are dumped in soil. It contaminates the soil and water under it. Its smell pollutes the atmosphere of its contiguous areas.                         

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