10 Interesting Facts about Pollution

We live in not a perfect world and every invention we have made sometimes creates a new problem where we would need another new invention to solve it. Many of our inventions have hurt the health of our planet and it has infected the health of millions of us in the form of Pollution.

10 Interesting Facts about Pollution

Pollution has many ugly forms and some of them listed on the chart of the top 10 interesting facts about pollution below.

Carbon Gas Fact 1:

Our atmosphere is holding a huge chunk of carbon from the burning of oil and gasses. 22% of the carbon is contributed by the industrialization and traffic system in America. In contrast, America only houses 5% world`s population.

Deforestation Fact 2:

Human ripped a half football field of rainforest area every second. This fact makes our planet difficult to breathe and it harms all of us through global warming, poles melting, typhoon, storm, and hurricane. In the US alone, we only have 6.14 million sq miles of forest left

Cairo In Cairo Fact 3:

Breathing air at the outside in a day is equal smoking 20 cigarettes. As a consequence of various kinds of pollutions, the government should spend 2.42 billion dollars to repair all the damages every year. It has a trend to move upward instead of downward.

Diesel Emission Fact 4:

You have 10 times bigger chances to get cancer with inhaling diesel exhaust than ingesting any air pollutants toxic. In the US, 70% of people who have cancer were caused by air pollutant from diesel emissions

Green House Gas Fact 5:

Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology said that Carbon Dioxide or greenhouse gases in our atmosphere are rising rapidly since the year 2000. In the 1990s, gas emission rate only increased by 1.3% per year and in the 2000s, the rate changed to 3.3% every year

Public Health Fact 6:

Toronto Public Health accused traffic emission on the capital city of Canada contributed to over 440 deaths every year. 

Human population Fact 7:

The human population is also the trigger of various pollutions on our planet. In the first AD, the earth was only populated by 250 million people and the number is double after 1,650 years. From 1650 to 1930, the number rose 4 times higher to 2,000,000,000. From 1930 up to now, the population of the earth is growing triple time to 6 billion populations and beyond. The trend is not slowing down in accordance with the trend of the world pollutions level.

Cars Fact 8:

Cars make pollution and the numbers of it are increasing. So far, our planet is weighted by 500+ million cars and the number is predicted doubling by the year 2030.

Cargo Oil Fact 9:

Air Pollution from off-the-shore cargo ships conduces to an estimated 60,000 deaths annually, largely from lung and heart cancers. 3 busiest cities that have dealt with these issues are Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai

Power Plant Pollution Fact 10:

Toxic emission from power plants leads to estimated 2,800 lung cancer victims and 38,200 heart attack recipients.

Top 10 interesting pollution facts above are collected from the research and data of US-EPA, World Health Organization, World Bank, and Environmental Defense.

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