What is a forest?  Its four big advantages?  

 A large group of tree plants is called a forest. The forest is very beneficial in human life.
 Introduction.  The forest is the name of the place where trees and plants are found in large quantities.  If it is said in another way, where there is a group of trees and plants together, it is called a forest.  The forest is often far from the village and town and is inhabited by many ferocious creatures.  Due to the presence of ferocious creatures, people do not go inside the forest.  There are also some forests which are not very dense, and people enter them easily. We do not go in those forests which have ferocious creatures.  But we go to enjoy the forests free of ferocious creatures.


 Four big advantages of being a forest

  1. We get many herbs from the forests, which is the treatment of small and big diseases.  In the old times, when science did not make progress, then there were Vaidyas. Hakim got the treatment of the biggest diseases with herbs.  The princes of the royal court were also used to treat the royal house with these herbs.  Even today, these herbs are of great importance, which we get from the forests.  It seems that these wild herbs will also have a high place in the coming times.  Thus, it is necessary to maintain the forest for treatment in our lifetime.

 2. We get oxygen from the forests, without which life on earth is impossible. Many things are necessary to live in human life, but oxygen is the best, and we survive by consuming it.  The source of oxygen is a tree plant that lives in large quantities in the forests.  This is the cultivation of nature.  Trees are also alive in plants.  Different types of properties are found in them.  Thus the forest contributes a lot to our survival.

 3. We get different types of wood from the forest, which is very useful for us.  The sandalwood tree obtained from the forest is very aromatic and frosty, used in medicines and aromatic materials.  From these forests, we get other trees that are used to build bridges.  Some trees have such wood that there is no decrease in their quality even after being in the water for many years.  The dry trees of the forest are used as fuel.  They have a big role from brick kilns to house stoves.  Thus forests are very important in our daily life.

 4. The monsoon forms from the forests due to which rainfall occurs.  Barsha is also fine, where there is more forest.  There are many living creatures in it, which are also our environmental friends.  Many of our diseases are also destroyed due to the wind of the forests filled with herbs.  Thus, we also get good rainfall due to living in the forests, due to which the animals are benefited.  Therefore it is necessary to live on the earth.  Only then will we get oxygen, and we will be able to survive.

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