How to properly operate a Fire Extinguisher with P-A-S-S Method?

P-A-S-S Method

         We have to check the fire extinguisher before using any fire extinguisher. for example. cylinder body, pressure gauge, etc. When we use a fire extinguisher. First, we have to check the pressure of the fire extinguisher because the fire extinguisher that is used a store pressure fire extinguisher. The means is filled with nitrogen gas by compressing with extinguishing media, If nitrogen gas is removed due to a fire extinguisher's fault, such a fire extinguisher should not be used. That's why the daily routine fire extinguisher should be checked. And the fire extinguisher should be regularly to be maintained.

        The discharge time of the fire extinguisher is 10 sec to 15 sec. That's why operating a fire extinguisher will determine your standing position, because the extinguishing media should not be a waste. Then, After using the fire extinguisher is kept in the horizontal position. When the fire extinguisher is used. don't try to use it again. And the fire extinguisher should be sent for refilling.



P- Pull the safety pin

     Our first work before using a fire extinguisher is to remove the safety pin of the fire extinguisher so that we can take the next procedure. The safety pin is applied to the fire extinguisher so that no one can operate when moving from one place to another.



A- Aim at the base of the fire

     The second work is to hold the discharge pipe of the fire extinguisher in the other hand and aim at the base of the fire so that the fire is quickly extinguished. By doing so the extinguishing media of the fire extinguisher is will use less.



S- Squeeze the grip

     Then we have to press the grip. What will happen is that the fire extinguisher will operate and the extinguishing media inside the extinguisher will come out and we can use as much as is necessary and save the rest, but these fire extinguishers can be used once.

Note 1) But co2 (Carbon Dioxide) fire extinguisher can be more time useable.

          2) A fire extinguisher is a wheel instead of a grip. e.g. co2 fire extinguisher.



S- Swipe (Side to Side)

     Now, last comes swipe We have to side by side swipe the discharge tube when the extinguishing media comes out. Because the extinguishing media is spread quickly and the fire is extinguished. After the fire is extinguished, leave the grip of the fire extinguisher for extinguishing media save.

Note: It is very important to wear hand gloves only when using a co2 fire extinguisher otherwise cold burn can occur.

     It is part of the fire fighting training, it should provide training in all Malls, Offices, Hospitals and High rise building, etc. Because everyone should have to do fire fighting. And these fire fighting training should be arranged for every employee on monthly basis. Because remember him about fire fighting method or P-A-S-S method and save the life and property. A firefighter should be deployed in such a place where many people work.


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