How to make your kid to love food?

Many parents worry about whether their toddlers are eating enough healthy food. It's common for toddlers to eat only very small amounts, to be fussy about what they eat, and to refuse to eat at all.

Try to understand their mood and serve accordingly. Never compare your kid with other as every kids have different taste and need for food.

As a parent, i too faced such problems with my baby. But as days goes on i understood her eating habit and made myself move along with her eating habit. This made my kid to love food.

Here are some magical ways to make your kid to love food:



Let them feed themself:

Kids usually like to experience food by themself. Allow them to mess up while they eat, as days goes on they learn to eat without messing up.



Let your child help:

Allow your child to help you during cooking. By including them in cooking activities like adding ingredients, stirring, washing vegetables, they learn more about the food and are excited to taste it.



Family time:

Make your kid to eat along with family members. Avoid watching tv or mobile while eating as they miss concentration on food.



Make things fun:

If your baby is a fussy eater, make eating a fun experience for them by cutting foods into fun shapes using a cookie cutter. I used to serve my baby star dosa, sqaure shaped pancakes etc. You can also try such tricks to make them eat.



Serve food in moderate heat:

Never serve your baby too hot or too cold foods. Foods in moderate heat will always be soothing and fresh to them.



Be patient:

Don't try to force feed your child, as it may cause undue stress during mealtime. Space out meals to atleast 3 hours to let true hunger build.



Offer choices

Avoid serving the same foods two days in a row to help your toddler know that we don't eat the same thing everyday. 

Try different foods with different colours, textures and tastes. Also let your child choose the fruits and veggies at the store.



Be a good example:

If your child sees you eating a variety of healthy foods, he or she will be more likely to try them.



Cut back on junk foods:

Remember you not your kids are incharge of the foods that enter the house. By having fewer junk foods around, you will make your children to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy products.

Don't insist on finishing their plates:

Parents typically give larger portions than necessary or serve snacks (especially juice) too close to meal time. This will kill your kids hunger which make them to resist food.

Instead, aim for 1 tablespoon per age of your child for each dish (about 3 or 4 dishes). So a 2 year old child should receive 2 tablespoons each of carrots, rice and dal. Also serve snacks about 2 hours before mealtime.

Instead of focusing on a clean plate, encourage eating until they are full.




Kids are small enough to accept new things and new foods. It's our duty to understand them and make them love things. Happy parenting.


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