How is physics associated with Daily life?

Real Physics behind the nature


Have you ever thought that whatever we see in our daily life, does it real or just our mind illusion???

If you don't know, No problem, I'll explain it in a nutshell.

Here we go...

1: - What do you think 🤔why is the sky blue??

It could be  violet,red or any other colours

Here, is the reason ;

In brief, first we have to understand the Rayleigh's law of  scattering.

  When we have more or high wavelength lights it would get less scattered by dust particles which are in  earth's atmosphere. such as red light.

When we have short wavelength lights, according to Rayleigh's law,it would get more scattered by dust particles.such as Violet ande blue lights.

Our human eyes or not so sensitive for violet, but eyes are very sensitive for blue lights, that's why our sky is blue.



2:- Do we really touch the things???

- We all know that we are made of Electrons and protons.and we also might know that electron has negative charge,whereas proton has positive charge.

- As far as physics is concerned same charge always repel each other. when touch something by our fingers that thing also made of these they repel each others. but our mind perceive that we touch Something but  in reality we are touching any things, they do have some tiny gaps between them.



3:- Why is the traffic light red ?

As we know that what is Rayleigh's law of scattering,

                             I =1/ λ^4

Where, I =  scattering intensity 

λ is wavelength of light.

- As we know that less wavelength scatter more than more wavelength. We also can see it in that equation.

-we also know that this light are used to indicate the traffic of roads and highways. irrespective of how far the vehicle is.light must be get there so that light should not be more scattered.

- So to overcome this problem,we need high wavelength lights which would get less scattered and can travel more distance compare to other lights, That's why we use red light which has more wavelength.



4:-Sunset and Sunrise has red color but why?

Sunset is red.Because this beautiful even depends on the position of the sun.

Let me elaborate it.

-As we know that light is coming from the sun.and light is consist of seven different colours.we may have seen it in rainbow in monsoon season.

- Here, we also need help of Rayleigh's law, I'll tell you wait ,before that just look into this image 👇

- Here,You can see it, when sun is at middle in noon we see that sun is white and light is also white.

- At evening time light has to travel lots of distance compare to noon.according to the Rayleigh's law of scattering,

                               I = 1/λ^4

- Red light is get less scattered by earth's atmosphere,it can travel to the observer,when we look at the sun at evening time this thing is happening that time.

*This is the reason sunset is red.

Here,we have seen that how physics is associated with nature. it's marvelous. isn't it?



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