Do you know which is Top 5 Good Books?

 The most important books that everyone should read.

What you want to become in the future depends on you; It depends on what you are feeding in your mind. It depends on the books you read and the people you surround yourself with. If you want a wonderful life, you will get success in your life. Then what is going on in your mind now?

Do you want a wonderful life beyond what you are living now? You need to learn and grow. These amazing books improve your consciousness, which improves your mindset, which helps in achieving your goals.


1. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

WRITER writes that the entire treasure is within you. Therefore you have to find the answer to your heart's desires. Many humans do not recognize their potential simply because they do not know about the storehouse of knowledge and power within them, while the truth is that through it you can find everything you want.

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Huh. A human has two types of ATTRACTION, first MAGNETIC ATTRACTION, which has SELF CONFIDENCE inside humans, and on the other hand many humans do not have this MAGNETIC ATTRACTION. Such people are full of fear and dilemmas.

Such people always say, "What if I don't succeed?" Should I not lose my money? Somewhere people don't laugh at me. "Such people are not able to move forward in life because their fear does not allow them to move forward".

But the good thing is that such people can also become magnetic humans, knowing that they were born to succeed and win. If they understand then the greatest power of the world, that is, the amazing power of SUBCONSCIOUS MIND and executing it.

By learning to harness the power of SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, you can achieve greater success, health, money and happiness in your life. This miraculous power is already in you, but you have to learn how to use this power. First of all, you need to know what faith is, why and how it works. The law of your mind is the law of faith, if you believe in your mind, you believe in yourself.


2. The power of now by Eckhardt Toll


The power of now shows you that every minute you spend worrying about the future or regretting the past has lost a minute, because all you have to live is the present, now, and every minute you Gives a workable strategy to start living as it happens.

The Power of Now - Wikipedia

Frustrated with the late night thoughts, he began to address what I am that made his life so depressing and found a suitable response in his "I" - which stemmed from the intensity of his thinking in his brain . The next morning he woke up and felt particularly unconcerned as he found out in one way or another how he had lost his barrier-self and was now fully alive. Toll says that the main critical time Is that which we consider to be the lowest: present.

The explanation is just current issues that everything happens here. What you feel and feel is in the present. At this point when you consider it, the past is simply all present minutes that have passed, and what is to come only stands to show an assortment of present minutes. Because he does not agree that the squads will clash with each other and you can resist all the things that you cannot change. We point to the future and the past, yet can just live in the present and later there is no way to change many things from the other two that we are bothered about.


3. Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill's 1937 book Think and Grow Rich was the first book I read. In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill teaches what is called wealth thirteen steps. Those thirteen stages, he claimed, were the secret to the creation of wealth. Needless to say, I was contradictory. Some of my favourite business quotes come directly from Napoleon Hill. I have included many of them in this post to see you. Hill claimed that he learned thirteen stages of wealth from Andrew Carnegie, with whom he worked for two decades.

At that time Carnegie was the wealthiest person in the world. According to Hill, Carnegie shared his success secrets with him and linked him with 500 of the world's most successful people, so that they could learn his secrets as well. Among those Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Theodore Roosevelt and Alexander Graham Bell.

Twenty years later, Napoleon Hill learned the lesson he got after connecting those 500+ to thirteen stages of wealth, which he outlined in Think and Gray Rich. The thirteen stages included well-known principles, such as will and persistence, as well as unconventional theories such as the power of the mastermind.


4. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad, this book tells the story of a child with two dads, a rich, a poor one, to help you build the vision and budgetary information to gather the existence of stance and opportunity. 

Synopsis on the Blinkist begins with the possibility that many of us are overly fearful of being marked as a weirdo for giving up the meaningless way of life. We hold two fundamental emotions to everyone around our rule: fear and insomnia. This is why we, despite everything, follow the obsolete mantra "Go to class, drop out of college, find a new line of work, avoid any risk." When in all realities, no activity is now preserved.


5. Brain Rules by John Medina

There are many animals on this planet that are quite remarkable physically compared to people. Nevertheless, at the same time, by thinking carefully, we have acquired so much ground that we were unable to try and think.

This is why there is a closed chance that you can simply understand under which conditions the cerebrum functions admirably, at which point you can fulfill all that you need in your own and expert life, so in the current blog, I John Medina's New York Times Bestseller Book I am going to reveal to you a part of the standards of the mind that decides that all will be valuable.

The author tells us that everyday exercise or walking in our body increases the blood flow, which helps to move glucose and oxygen in our brain and flush out the toxic waste around the brain. What's more, as a result, our brain can think all the more. A person can live for 30 days or more without eating.

But if our brain does not get Oxygen for 5 minutes, it can cause serious permanent damage and if Mind gets Daily Low Oxygen, its thinking ability will also be affected. This is why the author suggests that everyone should do aerobic exercise 2 days a week. Aerobic exercise is an exercise in which our body grows very fast like swimming, cycling, walking etc.

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