5 effective strategies to remember reading

Everyone wants to get good results no matter who the student is. One of the ways to get good results is to remember to read And it is enough to follow some practical ways to remember this reading Although many people know these ways, not everyone wants to accept them. So many people do not get the expected results If one wants to remember to read, one must accept certain things.


1.10 minutes walk before sitting down to read:


It is an effective way to remember to read Many may not want to believe that walking is related to remembering to read, but it is true. The idea is that walking for 10 minutes before sitting down to read increases the ability to remember reading by ten percent.


2.Feel the urge to read:


If there is no attraction towards any work, that work will never be good And this matter is involved with reading If one is attracted to reading from the heart, then only that reading can be remembered for a long time. Scientists also agree on this If one decides before reading what he will read, how much he will read, when he will read and pays attention to it, he will surely remember the reading for a long time.If it is fixed before doing any work, it is focused on the work and it ends easily. In the same way, if one decides on the subject before reading, then he must be able to read well on that subject and achieve good results and concentrate on reading. So every student must determine his content before reading and must read before sitting Paying attention to it. As you pay more attention to reading, it will end soon and will be remembered for a long time.So this habit should be developed by all. It is very important for every student and to focus on any subject means to finish the work quickly. So the matter must be kept in mind.



3.Read more and practice more:


Practice is a very important way to master something Not just for study but for all aspects of life. If one reads a reading and does not practice it for a long time, then he must forget this reading. And he has to read it again. So there is no substitute for practice to remember any reading. Even if it is one day a week, you have to practice the old readings again and again.If you read it yourself and teach it to others, of course everyone remembers what he read. If one reads and reads to others, then there are many benefits. Those who want to take themselves a long way should read something by themselves and teach it to others. In the case of students, he will explain to his other friend which reading he has read by himself.It is not right to memorize what is never understood and if you memorize it with understanding and explain it to others, then that reading is only remembered.


4.Teaching others what I have read:


If one reads by oneself and reads by another, it will be remembered for a long time It is through teaching others that one's own learning becomes stronger And if one learns by oneself and teaches another, it stays in the brain for a long time and is less likely to be forgotten. So this is one of the most important ways to remember. So you have to try to teach others what you will read.


5.Getting enough sleep:


This is one of the most effective ways to remember to read The human brain can never work continuously. So it needs rest. During rest, a lot of our information turns into brain memory. So we need to get enough sleep to remember what we read.



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