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 Everyone has a few bad habits but some of those habits make everyday tasks much more difficult than they have any right to be and because of them, there are so many things we've been doing wrong all this time without even knowing from peeling sticky notes to charging your phone and even using the bathroom. It's time to find out what you've been doing wrong all this time.



1.Banana bonanza 

It's time for some breakfast bananas arena perfectly a healthy start to any morning then again if the stem is soft or the top is a bit mushy they can make your morning messy.

But what if I told you that tearing the stem is not the way to go




According to monkeys also known as nature's banana-eating aficionados, it's easier to peel this delicious yellow fruit open from the blossom end.

Simply pinch the brown stub until the peel splits and just keep peeling away not only is it easier but peeling it this way can also help remove all those weird banana strings that sometimes stick to the fruit after you've peeled it.

Now you can literally enjoy the fruits of your labor.



2.Refrigeration frustration

Next on the list of chores is to help put away the groceries which contains a fresh carton of eggs but if you're thinking about storing them away in the egg compartment of your fridge door then I've got some bad news for you.




Eggs should be kept at a constant temperature below 68 degrees to maintain their freshness but the refrigerator door is actually the warmest part of the fridge being opened and closed throughout the day exposes the eggs to more frequent temperature fluctuations compromising the egg's overall quality and annoyingly despite being the perfect space for it milk shouldn't be stored in the door either. 

Like eggs, the temperature variation can cause the milk to go off quicker.

So where should you keep all your milk and eggs if not in this one refrigerated basket?

Experts suggest storing quick-to-spoil foods like these towards the back of the main body of the refrigerator as it's a cooler area that's more resistant to temperature fluctuations what an excellent solution.



3.Showering setbacks 

You might have hit that snooze button like four or five or 20 times but you're finally up good job although nothing gets you ready to face the day quite like getting squeaky clean in a nice hot shower but hold the soap there for a second bud because spending too much time under the hot water actually isn't all that good for you.

Showering frequently can wash off some of the skin's good bacteria and oils which upsets the body's natural balance causing dry and cracked skin.

Not only that but according to the journal of allergy and clinical immunology, showering too frequently can also lead to serious skin problems such as eczema. 

So to avoid this incredibly itchy future all you have to do is reduce the number of days you take a shower on but if you really can't get by without bathing daily just keep describing the essentials. 



4.Toothpaste trouble 

Now regardless of whether you brush your teeth before or after you've eaten breakfast there's still a good chance you're doing it wrong.




Over the years commercials have made it look like you should be squeezing out long layers of toothpaste onto your toothbrush to keep the cavities at bay but this just isn't true.

Commercials use these long ribbons of paste to make their product to look a little more appealing and make you use more toothpaste. 

But the reality is that a single pea-sized blob is enough to keep your teeth looking and feeling squeaky clean well.



5.Seasonal ceiling fans 

It's feeling a little bit chilly out so you turn to your trusty household heater to warm up the place but have you ever considered using your old ceiling fan to help heat up your house?




It does sound a bit backward after all you only really use the draft from these fans to help cool you down in the summer and yet they have a little known winter function as well typically ceiling fans run counterclockwise in the summer so that the angle of the blades pushes air down towards you this creates a wind-chill effect on your skin making you feel cooler but in the winter reversing the fan's direction and dropping its speed actually draws up the cool air and pushes down the warm air from the top of the room.

This small change can help you save as much as 15 percent on your heating bills leaving you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside and out.



6.Phone charging challenge

Your phone's low battery warning you just charged it up a few hours ago while it's well known that smartphone batteries don't have the best charge life it's also partially our fault because of the way we charge them.




According to the geniuses from the battery company Kdex, lithium-ion batteries like those in your phone are subject to stress, and just like a human extended stress can damage the battery's lifespan

When your phone is closer to empty it draws a constant current and operates at a lower voltage lower voltages are really good in the battery's lifespan as they keep it in a state of low stress which ultimately increases the number of times the battery can be charged

But leaving your phone on charge when it's already got a full battery will do the opposite once a battery hits 100 it trickles charges to keep its power at 100 while plugged in this high voltage charge keeps the battery in a high-stress state which gradually wears down its chemistry and can lead to system-wide malfunctions and reboots

This means charging it overnight or leaving it to charge idly is a really bad idea. 

So here are the 5 things we do wrong in our everyday work. Thanks for reading my article.


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