6 ways to make your room healthy

Proper sleep is necessary to maintain good physical and psychological health. For this reason, your room should be free from elements that may hinder your comfort? And we're not just talking about the neighbor who listens to the last volume of music and bothers his nights. Some simple habits can make a significant change in the quality of your sleep. Get to know them and try to put them into practice to make your room a healthy environment:

 1. Put electronics aside

 We know that it is widespread to take the phone to bed and give that last social check before bed, but this habit disrupts your sleep. The screens of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks emit a type of light that stimulates the brain, making you late to sleep and rest, which harms your beauty and health. Besides, it is worth unplugging TV sets and other electronics from wall outlets to reduce electromagnetic pollution.

 2. Open the window every day

 When you get up, try to open your bedroom window for at least 10 minutes to be ventilated. Apart from replacing the added air? And while renewing your space's environment, this habit helps combat the growth of mold, which can damage your furniture and clothing and cause allergies.

 3. Change the sheets all week

 Anyone who has had the privilege of sleeping in a brand new layer knows how it provides an unmatched sense of relaxation. Of course, it is impossible to buy sheets as often, but you can change them at least every week. By doing this, you get rid of dead cells, dust grains, dust mites, and other microorganisms that feed on sweat and skin debris, making your bed much healthier. Blankets and bedspreads should also be washed frequently.

 4. Plant in the environment

 More than decorating your room, plants help cleanse the situation by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen and promote a feeling of relaxation and peace. For this, you should select species that adapt well indoors such as lavender, jasmine, esca, orchid, and aloe vera.

 5. Keep breakfast out of the room

 Many people like to keep some chocolate in the cupboard, while others have such a busy routine that they end up having some food in the bedroom. However, these are not very healthy habits, as it is inevitable that some sharps fall on the floor or bed, attracting insects such as ants and cockroaches. If you don't resist, try to clean out any traces of food, throw away the packaging, and get the dirty dishes out of the room as soon as possible.

 6. Organize Your Space

 Well, If your life is completely messed up, start getting things in your room. Store bedding, clothes, and shoes, and throw away unused paper that is thrown over furniture. In addition to ease of cleaning, you will make room for a new decoration, leaving photos and unique items in a prominent position. Organizing your new location will provide a more tranquil environment so that you can relax after a hard day. Remember that your room is your sanctuary. This is where you renew your energy to face the routine and find inspiration to make positive changes. Having a clean and organized environment will contribute to your sleep, health, and overall quality of life.

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