What is IoT (internet of things)?

Surely you must not have heard or read IoT. But you have to know what this IoT is, after all. And what is its full form? What effect will it have on our life in the coming time? So what is this internet of things? (What is the Internet of Things in Hindi) In this article, you are going to answer all the questions related to your IoT with examples in easy language.




What is IoT (internet of things)? 

The full form of IoT is the internet of things. In today's time, we all have a mobile in our hands. And mobile also has internet. We are all connected to each other through the internet and can talk. In the same way, if there are as many devices (devices) around us. Put a censor on it and connect it through the internet, then they will be able to talk to each other. This is IoT.


How IoT works?

In the Internet of things, sensors on devices collect data on the status of the device. And transfer the collected data through internet connectivity or cloud connectivity. And once these data come to the software, the software analyzes the data and draws it. Whether to react

If you understand from the example, when you get out of your house, then your house will become an automatic lock. And when you come back, the automatic is unlocked. This is possible through IoT.


What are the four major devices it takes? 

IoT mainly consists of four types of devices. Which is like this.




Data Processing

User Interface


The sensor is mounted on the device. Which keeps collecting data of the status of the device continuously. For example, there are heat sensors to find out the temperature conditions.

In the same way, such a sensor is installed in your mobile too. Which collect data like camera, microphone, gyroscope etc.



The data collected by the sensor is sent to the software through connectivity. Connectivity is the medium of transfer. It can also be internet and cloud connectivity can also be there.

As if a heat sensor is installed in your room. The heat sensor will continuously provide data of your room temperature through the internet to your mobile application.


Data Processing

When once the data came to the software. So it has to be processed. So that information available in it can be found. So the software of your mobile application processes it. This extracts information about how much your room temperature is at this time.


User Interface

Now when the software has released this information from the data processing, how much is the temperature of the room. So you will not see that information anywhere. So that you can see the information. So this information appears on the user interface.

According to the information available now, you can react in two ways. One, you will do some work manually. Like the air conditioner will turn on if the temperature is low. Or by keeping a setting in the mobile application beforehand that if the temperature decreases, the air conditioner will automatically start.

If this is set to automatic, then the whole cycle will run upside down. And the command will be given to the sensor to reduce the room temperature or to turn on the air conditioner.

In this way, all the four devices in IoT work together. And all four depend on each other whether the input is going to be received. 

Some examples of real life of IoT . 

Smart home

Internet of Things is going to make our life a lot easier in the coming times. At this time, we have all the equipment in our house like light, television, fans, computers and many more. They all have different switches. They all have to be operated separately. If this happens, all these should be operated from a single platform. So how easy will our work be.


When you get out of the house The censors at home should know that there is no movement of anyone in the house. It means no one in the house. In such a situation, the house has to be kept safe and the second thing is to turn off the appliances installed in the house. So that unnecessary power consumption can be saved.


Process the data received through the internet from the software sensor. It will be able to know that the house has to be protected. So the software will send the command back to the censor and lock the door of the house. All the equipment that is consuming unnecessary electricity. That too will automatically stop the software.

Through the software, you will be given a message that the doors of the house and unnecessary equipment have been locked. So that you know that your house is absolutely safe.

Now when you come back, just by clicking one button, all the doors and equipment will be turned on.

Such homes are called smart homes. This technique is also a part of daily life in developed countries. But right now this technique is very expensive for the common people of our country.

Amazon’s Echo and Google Home are two of the best examples available at this time.


Driverless car

The dream of a driverless car is not far away. Some institute is working on this. And some projects have reached the testing stage as well. It includes leaders like Tesla, Volvo, BMW and Google


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