The coronavirus, whose apparel name is Covid-1, has now been declared a World Epidemic by the World Health Organization.

What is the virus?



Coronavirus is an infectious virus that has never spread to humans before.


The virus has already spread to more than four countries worldwide, killing more than 3,000 people worldwide.


this year, the World Health Organization officially named the disease Covid-1, a short form of 'coronavirus disease-20What are the symptoms of the disease:

In addition to respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, and shortness of breath are the main symptoms.

It attacks the lungs.

Symptoms usually begin with dry cough and fever, followed by breathing problems.

On average, it takes five days for the symptoms to manifeWarning: Third-party content may contain ads

The World Health Organization says the incubation period of the virus lasts for up to 3 days. However, some researchers say it can last up to 25 days.

When people have the virus symptoms, they are more likely to be infected. However, it is believed that humans can transmit the virus to healthy people even when they are not sick.

It is natural to be hesitant at diagnosis because the onset symptoms are similar to those with common cold and flu.

The outbreak of coronavirus has reminded many of the SARS viruses that led to the death of seven people, mainly in many Asian countries, at the beginning of the 20th.

Genetic code analysis of the new virus has shown that it is very similar to the serous viru. "When we see a new coronavirus, we want to know how serious its symptoms are. The virus is a lot like the flu but not as deadly as the SARS virus," said Professor Mark Woolhouse of the University of Edinburgh.



I presented a Bangla translation of a post about the Coronavirus from Johns Hopkins Universi* Viruses are not living animals. It is a protein molecule (DNA) that is wrapped in lipid (fat). When it enters the body through our nose and eyes, it changes its genetic code to become more energetic and more aggressive.

* Since the virus is not only a protein molecule and living, it cannot be killed. But he can be destroyed by himself* Coronavirus is only fragile with a fat layer to protect the cause of the fracture. This is why soap and detergents are an easy way to get rid of the virus. Soaps and detergents can remove virtually any place's oil or fat. We need to use soap or detergent for at least 20 seconds to remove oils or fats to make a lot of foam. As a result, the upper layer of the virus breaks down and becomes completely ineffective.* Hot temperatures are effective at melting fat. For this reason, water at least 20 degrees Celsius should be used for washing hands or clothes. Also, using hot soap can make the virus more quickly neutralized, as hot water can create more foam than cold water.* A mixture of alcohol or at least 5% alcohol is suitable for breaking down any type of oil or fat. Mixing juice is a very effective way to break the virus's outer fat levels.


* Direct application of a mixture of one bleach and five percent water breaks down the protein. So this mixture can melt the virus down to the inside* Soap, alcohol and chlorine if used with oxygen-driven water (oxygenated water) can help prevent the virus's performance for a more extended period. This is because oxygen-driven peroxide can dissolve the virus's protein in water. It can be used when pure but not beneficial to the skin.

Viruses are not living organisms like bacteria.* Used, unused clothing, clothes, or sheets can not be washed. When the cloth is removed, the virus that gets stuck in it gets stuck somewhere. The virus can survive for up to three hours on fabric or homogeneous materials, four hours on copper or wood (since copper itself can destroy germs and forest always loses moisture), up to 24 hours on hardboards, 12 hours on metallic objects and up to 12 hours on plastic. The virus's molecules can float in the air for up to three hours and penetrate the nose of humans if they spray something that contains the virus or uses feather duster on top of it.


* Virus molecules can survive exceptionally well in cold weather, even in air-conditioned homes or carsThe virus needs moisture and the presence of darkness to be more productive. Because of this, dry or low humidity climates on the one hand, on the other hand, the virus is rapidly destroyed in a hot and bright environment.

* UV light can damage the virus from anything that breaks its protein. In this way, a mask can be used to free the virus after use* The virus is healthy and cannot penetrate directly into normal skin.


* Vinegar is not effective in getting rid of coronavirus because vinegar cannot destroy the protein.* Spirits or vodka are not effective in killing the virus. Vodka may have the highest levels of alcohol at 5%, but at least 5% of the drink is needed to kill the virus.


* Corona destroys the virus, the only thing that can be said when thinking about something rich in alcohol is a mouth wash that contains 5% alcohol* The incidence of the virus will be high in closed places. The presence of the virus will be less in the open and ventilated areas.


* It has been said many times, however, that it is not necessary to wash the nose, food, door lock, any switch, remote controller, cell phone, clock, computer, table, and television, before and after washing. When using the washroom, you must remove your hand* Wash hands repeatedly to dry thoroughly because the virus can be hidden in any skin rash. The skin moisturizing lotion or cream is as dense and oily as it is good.


* Nails should be cut short so that the virus does not enter it.


Keep everyone healthy, be good

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