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My start activities from the evening. First of all, I cut the grass and feed it to the animals. I give them water to drink. Then I take out the milk. After taking out the juice, I go to Masque for the prayer of Maghrib then I take dinner with my sweet family. After making dinner, I go out for some walk. Then I drink milk after dinner. As a Muslim, I fall asleep soon so that I get up early in the morning. I take grass and feed it to animals to go for the prayer of Fiji. After pray, I recite the Holy Quran for 15 minutes that fill my heart with peace. Then I Returns from the Masjid and take out the milk of cow and buffalos.

Then I go for or morning exercise and walk. During the 30 minutes walk, I do some yoga, unusually long breaths so that our lungs get refreshed with clean oxygen because pure oxygen helps to pollution pure blood. Near my house, there is a greenery ground with water in the middle. There I take out my shoes and walk on the dew drops that reduce overheating in our body. There still I do some heavy workouts. All these things make me healthy and energetic.

After returning from exercise, I take a glass of lassy that has a cooling effect. Then it is time for animals to be weaned. Animals extract milk, and I drink it after breakfast. My breakfast often accompanied by eggs and something sweet. If something sweet, digestion becomes good. After some time, when animals finished there feeder, I gave them water to drink. After drinking water, I tie them in a shady place during summer so that there are 57 Calories and joggles. If the animal is ill and there is a hospital, they will treat you there. The timing of all these tasks changes over the winter.

In the winter, the milk content of animals is higher is then in the summer. Working in the winter is easy. I spend the afternoon with friends. Talk to friends about their situations and circumstances of others and go out. Then in the evening, I come back home and start doing the same thing again. Also, play a bit of cricket, my village team matches anyone. But nowadays, the Coronavirus has reduced its circulation because we have improved it. Protect yourself and others from the Coronavirus. That is all this I do. Work and exercise make your bones strong then the people in rest. 

Daily activities can help your brain health and memory. Exercise can improve mind work and secure memory and thinking abilities. N edition the capacity of business to forestall ceaseless ailment can convert into benefits of your mind since its size can be influenced by sickness. 

There are some terrible things you must avoid that harm your health like over-exercise and overwork. My advice is that be safe. Thanks for reading my article; if useful, please encourage me in comments. 

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