How You Improve Yourself

Are you like to grow? Do you want to improve yourself? If you do then this article literally helps you alot.

I am also the one and very passionate about personal improvements. When I was 19 I thought, "What is the meaningful life?"...and realize that there is nothing more meaningful them to pursue the life of betterment and improvements. 

And if you think you are good enough, believe me, you can be even better. Human potential is limitless...

The more you grow, the more you realize there is so much out there you don't know, so much that you have to learn. 

There is never an end to the journey of self-improvement. As I continuously seeking for the different ways of self-improvement so, I compiled 8 best ways that might be helpful in your personal growth journey. 

1. Book Reading :

Whenever you read a book you will feed your brain with more and more knowledge.

The books you start reading to enrich yourself are 7 HABITS, THINK AND GROW RICH, WHO MOVED MY CHEESE.

2. Start a New Course :

Is there any course you can join? Because courses are the best way to gain more knowledge and information.

I attend a few workshops and it really helps me to gain something new that I never considered before. 

3. Create an Inspirational Room:

Your environment sets the mood and tone for you. If you are living in an inspirational environment you will inspire every day.

4. Overcome Your Fear:

All of us have fears. Fear of uncertainty, fear of public speaking, fear of risk...All our fears keep us in the same position and prevent us from growing...

Recognize that your fear reflects Areas where you can grow. I always think of fear as a compass for growth. 

If I have a fear about something it represents something, I have yet to address, and addressing it helps me to grow.

5. Start your life Handbook

It's an idea I start 3 years ago it really helps me in my life progress.

The handbook basically contains all the essentials on how can you live your life to the fullest, such as your goals and purpose.

6. Write a letter to your future self:

What do you see yourself 5 years from now? Will you be the same? Different? What kind of person will you be?

Write a letter to your future self 1 year from now is the best start .and seal it.

Make a date in your calendar to open it 1 year from now. Then start become that person you want to open that letter.

7. Get out of your comfort :

The life handbook helps you to know,  how much time you are in your comfort zone means the area the time that gives you relief or comfort. 

The less time you are in the comfort zone the better you become.

8. Level up your skills:

We all have an interesting subject or faculty. Recognize what's yours. 

Start improving your interested skills means to take a short course about it and focus on it.

These tips take a long time but believe me it will change your life.

Be patient, more improve.

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