How to ‘Unlock’ Your Muscles in 5 Easy Steps?

Your body got enough rest and is lacking the stamina in all ways. Are you worried to be on the roads to start working after three months of confinement?

People tend to feel tired and sleepy due to lack of stamina and adrenaline rush                                  

Feeling tired and sleepy at work?

Just relax, take a deep breath, and follow only 5 steps to unlock your muscles. 

Why Unlocking the Muscles is Important?

You have to bring back the old stamina and take time to adjust to the 'new normal'. The daily rush for attending work was gone. 'Work From Home' has made the body lazy and the lifestyle has affected both your mental and physical health. The adrenaline rush is missing inside. So with the Unlockdown, small steps are to be taken systematically to re-adjust your body.

Here are the most 5 easiest steps to unlock the old stamina and muscles:

1. Set Your Clock

Fix your biological clock for better health

The body has turned upside-down during the lockdown. Your timings have totally changed- from sleeping to waking up to work and up to having meals. You have to set your bio-clock again in the same routine as the pre-corona outbreak. Every day you have to practice waking up early, have proper meals on time to get set for work at the appropriate time. You must sleep for six to seven hours at night to have a healthy body.

2. Keep Doing Exercise

Basic types of home exercises

Your body needs some exercise to keep up with the travelling and work. Otherwise, it will become slack and overwhelmed with fatigue. After a hard-working day, your body will be under full strain, if not in pain.Thus, if you want to avoid this situation, then start doing exercise at different levels reguarly. Wake up early and begin the day with some basic exercises with the help of YouTube or running app. You will have a fit and healthy body to cope with the straineous work.

3. Have Healthy Food at Proper Time

Healthy vegetables for better body

You have to start eating healthy food at regular hours to maintain a balance of energy levels. The body will start to feel good to come back to its old rhythm. There is a need to have a reasonable gap between the meals and snacks without skipping any. You can know more about healthy food in this website-

4. Drink Lots of Water

Drink water to have a fit body

The body needs hydration because dehydration leads us to exhaustion. There is only one effective solution to this problem--- water! Your body needs an adequate amount of water to keep itself away from dehydrating and impure particles. You must drink three liters of water every day to have a healthy body. Three liters of water can be in any form--- tender coconut water, fresh fruit juice, green tea, iced tea, jaljeera mix, lemon water, and many more. 

5. Participate in Virtual Marathons

Virtual Marathons are very important for motivation

There are many organizations in India and other parts of the world, which arrange 'virtual runs' in this pandemic outbreak. You can run in your nearest park, street, terrace, lawn or treadmill at any time within the deadline.The organizations provide attractive items like masks, tee-shirts, medals and e-certificates. Various running apps like Adidas Running, Nike Run Club, Pumatrac, Strava and many more are utilized for calculating the distace, time and speed of running. You can participate in these runs to motivate your body to be fit. The entries are pocket-friendly and help to come back on the running track.

If you follow these simple and small steps regularly, then you will get your fit body back. It is 100% guaranteed from my own experience. Healthy Body, Happy Life!

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