I wanted to ask you guys one question, suppose you are the owner of the company and you want to hire one person from two. Both have a good academic record and interpersonal skills but one of them has the skill to learn things quickly. Then who will you prefer the most? In many jobs interview, this skill is especially determined by conducting the various cognitive tests, giving various case studies, and all. So this skill is very important to lead your life in the best direction. This article will help you to improves your learning skill. 

Modes of using memory:

1) There are two modes of memory focused mode and diffuse mode. Each mode of memory has its own advantages. When you are doing things that you are familiar with earlier then you used focused mode indirectly eg when students are doing homework they indirectly use focused mode because students are familiar with homework in class. Today's education system tries to build only focused mode of thinking but nowadays students must command on diffuse mode because it helps you solve new problems that are unknown to you.

2) As you see in the diagram , in focused mode marbles are very close to each other as compared to diffuse mode. This means that when you use focused mode your thinking is compacted you can't think beyond that. But in diffuse mode, marbles are more away from each other that gives broad thinking and this mode of thinking uses many entrepreneurs, scientist, etc,

for example one of the greatest entrepreneur and scientists Thomas Edison used to sit and relax in his chair with holding ball bearing and think about the working project when he sleeps then the ball would drop down and Edison wakes with new ideas in that way he uses his diffused mode of memory.

3) Indirectly you also use the diffuse mode of memory while walking, exercise, sitting in the park, taking bath, etc,


Procrastination problem during learning and solution:

1) Everybody has some issues with procrastination. In this article, I'm going to give you a little insight into procrastination. I'm going to let you in on a handy little mental tool. 

2) This tool is called Pomodoro. All you need to do is set a timer to 25 minutes, turn off all interruptions, and then focus. Most anybody can focus for 25 minutes.

3) After 25 minutes of study rewards yourself for the next 5 minutes using a cup of coffee, or a bite of chocolate allowing your brain to enjoyably change its focus for a while and repeat this cycle. You'll find that using the Pomodoro technique is very effective.

Importance of sleep in learning:

1)You might be surprised to learn that just plain being awake creates toxic products in your brain. How does the brain get rid of these poisons? Turns out that when you sleep, your brain cells shrink. This causes an increase in the space between your brain cells. Fluid can flow past these cells and wash the toxins out. So sleep, which can sometimes seem like such a waste of time, is actually your brain's way of keeping itself clean and healthy.

2) Sleep does more than just allow your brain to wash away toxins. It is actually an important part of the memory and learning process. It seems that during sleep your brain tidies up ideas and concepts your thinking about and learning. It erases the less important parts of memories and simultaneously strengthens areas that you need or want to remember.

3) During sleep, your brain also rehearses some of the tougher parts of whatever you are trying to learn, going over and over neural patterns to deepen and strengthen them.


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Yogini - May 23, 2020, 5:07 PM - Add Reply

Very helpful article

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Yogita Wani - May 30, 2020, 3:39 PM - Add Reply

This is really usefull & knowledgetic article, Superb Bro, i hope you can share more usefull articles with us, keep it up😀

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