How to increase height

How to increase the height 

height, which we also call height or length is a word that, everyone understands, from child to elder because everyone takes exceptional care of their distance from childhood, first of all, the if any person looks at someone, then the range, which is less, who is more, who is balanced, because also, the range is an essential part of the beauty of the body which comes out as a distinct sparkle. 


We can also say that it is hereditary, that is, according to its parents or family. The very exception is seen, but now, with changing times,  ideology or thinking is also changing, it is no longer necessary that if the height or height of the parents is small, then the child should also be. according to the times, if the length is measured and taken care of, then changes also take place 


If it is matter to be noted, it is age. It is said that by doing every work on time, its significant increase very much this thing should also be acidified at length. the length increase or can be increased with time; the width cannot be increased after a certain time 


correct lifespan age


The correct address of the length Is known is us according to the age. It Is said that the length of boys can be increased from 23 to 25 years and the length of girls can be increased from 18 to 21 years. From the time a child is born,  it's length should be measured at every age until it is young. We are telling you about the length through a chart below.


Exercise to increase the length 


1. Get used to regular exercise and excursion 

walking and exercising regularly 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and exercising proves useful in preventing many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol. It is also beneficial in increasing the growth and height of the body.


2.jump rope

jumping rope not only controls weight. It is also considered a very useful exercise to increase height. The muscles of the feet, waist,  and back become stronger. There is a spasm in the spinal cord, which helps in increasing the height.

3.san size of hanging 


 For this, an iron pipe or wooden sticks is tied about 7 feet above the ground. You also put a thick tree or use any hanging part in the house. Regular exercise of hanging leads to the good exercise of increased height. It should be practiced regularly. 




Running is a great exercise for the whole body. This keeps the weight under control. The bones and flesh, muscles of the feet, waist, and reeds become strong. Bones develop, which helps in increasing body length.




Tadasana is considered an important posture for increasing height. In this posture, the weight of the entire body is put on the paws of the feet by raising the palms while standing up and palms folded. Regular exercise of tadasana exercises the whole body and pulls the muscles of the spine, chest, and shoulders. The muscles of the feet are strong.  it helps in increasing the length 


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