How to get bamboo and 5 best seeds for Minecraft beginners

How to get Bamboo in Minecraft?

Worry not as bamboo can easily be acquired in a few days, and will generate some jungle biome variation. 

When a player arrives in the game, you can find it through fishing, naturally sprouting, and a mod drop as well.

Breaking the bamboo is a simple task, but you should try using the sword or the ax. These two tools are the fastest when it comes to breaking bamboo allowing the player to gather more resources before darkness falls in. 



Where to Find Bamboo in Minecraft?

There are five places where you can find bamboo easily. 




Minecraft Jungle

Unless farmed, you can easily find bamboo in the jungles as it grows exclusively there. They are available in single shoots and grow far away from one another. However, in some variations, they grow in clusters also. 



Mob Drops

Minecraft Mob Drops

If you kill a panda, bamboo will drop for you. If you're playing the Java edition, you'll get 1, and if Bedrock version, then 2.




Minecraft Fishing

If you (Minecraft player) fish in the jungle biome, you stand a good possibility of reeling in bamboo. Technically these bamboos are considered "junk item," bit they are handy as ever. 



What is Bamboo used for in Minecraft?

Bamboo has a slew of actions in Minecraft which include smelting, crafting, farming, and breeding pandas. 




Minecraft Crafting

When you need to scaffold or craft both sticks, bamboo is quite useful. It's easy to make sticks, much like scaffolding. 

Scaffolding is a technique used to multiply ascend levels without having to use any blocks for building. Overall, on a larger scale of projects in survival mode, this will prove useful to you. 




Minecraft Farming

Farming, as the work suggests, provides the player with a plentiful bamboo supply, that's if you can grow it up as high as 16 blocks. If the player does manage, the player will have more than enough for scaffolding to the heart's desire. The player can use the bamboo for smelting and breeding pandas. 




Minecraft Smelting/Cooking

Smelting is one of the most important tasks in Minecraft. It helps in turning many ores into bars of their own respective one. You can use to make weapons, tools, armor, and other items like steel and flint is made from flint and bar of iron. If you don't use smelting, you won't last long in Minecraft. 

The player can increase their fullness time by using a furnace for cooking food. As a player you should remember, be it adventures or living a nomad life on the game, you need to stay full. 

Bamboo is the ideal item to serve for smelting. Now, we know it grows in bunches and quickly -- especially when it comes to a bone meal -- it's an ideal burning item. 



Breeding Pandas

Minecraft Breeding Pandas

We all know pandas love bamboo, reason why bamboo is also ideal for breeding pandas in Minecraft. You can do so by feeding bamboo to two adult within close proximity of one another. For this you'll need 8+ blocks of bamboo within a 5 blocks radius. This will lead their way to mating and to produce offspring as well.

Now that you know how, what, and where bamboo is in Minecraft, let's find out about the 5 best Minecraft seeds you need to know as a beginner. 



What are seeds? 

Minecraft seeds are codes used by players to create new worlds to their desires. Remember each seed has its own way. The code needs to be entered correctly, cause one letter wrong means a whole different world will generate. 



Players can enter their own seeds 

The player can enter their own seeds in Minecraft as it will be helpful if a player can generate worlds with easy-to-find resources. You can also get access to the loot inside the Nether biome. 

The player can spawn a near-certain biome by putting seeds and also find interesting places such as desert temples, villages, pillager outposts, broken portals, etc. 



What is in the seeds? 

So, without further adieu, let's get on telling you about the seeds and what each seeds holds. 



Best Minecraft seeds for beginners 

1- Broken Portal

Seed Number: -257277437 (Bedrock)

On entering this seed, the player will get spawned in the middle of the grassland's biome. Although, may look dull, but the seed has many cool things in-store for beginners to explore. 

2- All biomes (bedrock)

Seed Number: -433664663

This seeds may look like an ordinary seed, and boring, but it one of the most useful seeds in Minecraft.



3- Shipwreck (Java)

Minecraft Shipwreck

Seed Number: -573947210

This is the Richie Rich seed, as it includes a secret loot and buried treasure making it one of the most interesting ones. Where to use it, well, right near the spawn, a village lies with a lot of loot and an iron sword, some golden ingots, and two enchanted tunics. 



4- Diamonds in the Jungle (Pocket/Bedrock)

Minecraft Diamonds in the Jungle

Seed Number: 87953651674304230

On spawning this seed, you'll end up on the jungle island. There's a large jungle temple located inside the jungle biome, players can find two diamonds inside to get a good start off. 



5- Savana Village

Minecraft Savana Villages in

Seed Number: 508164565

You can also spawn near the two Savana villages, and get hold of a great loot. Another great fact about this seed is, the spawn is quite near the plains biome where you can gather a lot of wood for your next project. 



For a good start off! 

Both bamboo and seeds are a great start off for you as a beginner in Minecraft. Both are equally helpful and grant you the necessities you need as a player. If you manage to stay, then you'll have many new levels and encounters to discover! 


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