How To Earn 150$(10500rs) By Listening Music.

Hi friends! I am back with another article. And I am in the hope that this article is going to be an excellent opportunity for earnings by your mobiles. Yes, my friend, it is going to be very easy.

Here I am going to talk about two profitable and beautiful websites. These websites pay you money for listening to music. Isn't it interesting? Earn money by listening to music.

As we know, everyone loves listening to music depending on their mood swings, right. But think a little bit how it would be if we paid for our interest. It is just fantastic.

So, without getting late, let's talk about those two beautiful websites which pay you for listening to music.


This is one of the biggest music downloading website where we can also listen to music online. Now you will ask, how will you get paid? Don't worry. We are just here to discuss that matter.

First of all, you have to browse it in a search engine or install it. Because this is available both as a website and as an app. After getting the interface of that website, you have to do to click on the three lines on the right corner. There you will get two options as login and register.

Just click on the register option and fill up your registration credential and verify your account. As you sign up here, you get 400 coins as a bonus. Here you have earned points or coins by listening to music. You will get 20 points for every song.

Now, this is about the earnings. The other part is how you will redeem the coins into cash. So its minimum redemption amount is 4000 coins. As you reach your minimum amount, you can save it to your PayPal wallet, Paytm wallet, bank account, or recharge your phone.

Now lets come to the second one.


This is one of the genuine and trusted German website where you get paid in dollars for online music streaming. Here you get paid in every 15 minutes of streaming music. Its minimum withdraws ten dollars, and if you belong from India, then you can earn up to 225 rupees in a single hour. And if you work on this website for five hours in a day, then your making will be 1125 rupees in a day. Yes, my friends, you can make a fair amount of money by merely streaming online music. You can withdraw your earnings in PayPal.

So, my dear friends, what are you waiting for. Just rush on to the websites and start earning from today. I guess there is no more straightforward task than this.

Here there is no age limit. Everyone can work here whether a housemaker, a student, an employee, etc. Working on these two websites, you can earn five to ten thousand rupees if you are an Indian in a month.

So, start your journey on these two websites and make a lot of money by doing your daily work. Is that not simple? Just go for it and take advantage of the COVID-19 situation.
















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