How Test cricket is similar with your life?

How Test cricket is similar with your life ?

Test Cricket

Test Cricket will help to keep restraint

Life seems to be dark all around, the rays of light are not visible in the distance, this time seems to pass quickly, but it would have seemed as if it had stopped there, at such a time, one moment seems like a year.

 So I remember this game, it's Test cricket.

 ODIs and Twenty20s are a form of cricket that entertains people. An ODI lasts for six to seven hours, while a Twenty20 match lasts for three hours. So maybe five-day Test cricket is boring. But Test cricket is the very essence of life. That is 'How to keep restraint' When a Test match always starts between 8 and 9 in the morning, how many things are there against the batsman?

Difficulties in Test cricket

 There are early morning rays; there is room for the sun to come out ultimately, so the atmosphere is gloomy, moisture on the pitch, the ball is new, and the weather makes it more likely to change direction in the air, it's called swing. The batsmen would not have kept an eye on the ball yet.

 All these things are against it. It is as if all the crisis has come together to attack us.

 Batsmen who do not have restraint are dismissed immediately and return. But those who play with control, that is, without making a fuss at the beginning, would drop the ball straight out of the stumps, carefully blocking the one coming on the stumps. The situation is slowly changing for batsmen who keep their heads down.

How we overcome these difficulties

 As time goes on, the sun starts to rise on the head, the air starts to drizzle, and the moisture on the runway starts to drip, the ball stops changing direction in the air, the bowler begins to get tired of bowling, and more importantly, the batsman keeps an eye on the ball. Then he slowly starts to pick up speed.

How Test cricket is similar to your life

 In fact, in life, almost the same things are happening. When many crises come one after the other, we have to face them with a calm head and restraint. One has to believe that one day the situation will change. And everything will be fine as Test cricket changes.

 But the popularity of Test cricket is declining these days, which is a matter of concern. Test cricket is being neglected due to the large number of ODIs and 20 overs being played and their growing popularity. People should teach their children about Test cricket. The fact is that when there is time, you should sit with the children and enjoy Test cricket. This will automatically increase the children's interest in Test cricket. And at the same time, temperance will develop in children.

Alister Cook

Its time to keep Test cricket alive

 It takes time to keep Test cricket alive. We must recognize this need and keep trying—child suicides for trivial reasons. If we want to stop the rising crime and growing irritability in children, we need to train them in restraint from an early age. And Test cricket will help you in this work.

 So what do you think? Get ready. And see which matches in the Tests will be played in the next few days. And plan to watch those matches with the kids.

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