What is Cricket?


Cricket is a sport playing with two teams—each team consists of eleven players. Bat and ball are mainly required to play this sport. In this game, a 22 yard (20m) pitch is present in the field or ground. At the two ends of the pitch, on each side, three wickets are kept. In Cricket, the field or ground is in a circle shape. Both captains are first ready for the toss in both teams, and the winner will choose either bat or bowl. If the winner selects bat, the ten batters of that team will bat in certain overs, and the first innings will come to an end. Next, others will also bat to chase the score of the first team to win. 

Formats of Cricket:

In Cricket, there are many formats to play. According to overs, formats are different types. They are

1) T20:It is a 20 overs match for each time to score their level best. 

2) ODI: It is a 50 overs match between two teams to score their best. 

3) Test: It is a match with no limit of overs, but it is ended according to days. 

Rules of Cricket:

       In this game, the players do tough work and practicing day and night to give their best. In this game, there are many achievements are there for players. They are Man Of The Match (MOM) and Man Of The Series (MOS), and Game Changer of the Match. According to players' score, if players score 50 runs by the bat, he creates one fifty called as Half Century, and if the player scores Hundred (100) or above, he creates Century and adds this in his career. In Cricket, some runs are hit by the bat. If both players run between wickets, one single run will come, and if he runs two times at a time, two runs will come, and if he runs three times between the wickets, three runs will add to the team score. And if he hits the ball, and if the ball reaches boundary by step, it is called as Four (it means four runs), and if he hits ball and ball reaches boundary directly without stepping in filed, it is called as Six( it means six runs). 

      And when the bowler is doing bowl, at that time of ball will touch wickets, the batter will dismiss. The fielding team will file in the ground to stop the bowl not to go boundary, and if when the batter hits the bowl and the fielder catches the ball directly, then the batter will be OUT. And for each team, there is one Coach, and the Coach will teach them all tricks to play, and he will teach them how to play Cricket very well. 

   Cricket is like a battle between the two countries. And it is also played between two states of a country. Many matches are there in cricket; they are World Cup and ICC World Cup and T20 World Cup. In India, there is an Indian Premier League (IPL). IPL is played every year between different teams of different states. Cricket is to sport mostly watched by people in the World. 

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