How did you run scientifically?

How to run scientifically?

Friends often feel that it is straightforward to run. Get up early in the morning, wear shoes, and road races. Many people run in the same way, and after some time, they start to suffer. There is a science behind running friends. You know that you can definitely run weary for a long time, which also increases your stamina, the more your stamina, the longer you will run.

Hands position

First of all, you have to take care of the hands' position while running; if your hands are in the right position, then your speed will increase. While running, keep your shoulders at a 90-degree angle. When you are running, keep in mind that your hands are forward. While going back, there should not be much difference between your rib and elbow, and do not keep the hands in such a position that the right hand is going towards the left hand while running; you should keep both your palms moving from fist to hip to the chin. You will get the right direction, and this will also increase your speed.

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How to breathe while running?


Friends normally only use the upper part of the lungs when we breathe. Our body gets a sufficient amount of oxygen, which allows all the body's activity to be relaxed while our lungs can store up to 6 liters. When we take along the normal, only half a liter takes oxygen. Half a liter of carbon dioxide is released, that is, we exclude as much as we have taken, in which case the oxygen balance of carbon dioxide remains, but when we run While running, you start breathing very quickly due to which only the upper part of the lungs is used. When you pull more mother-in-law from the mouth, you can not leave the carbon dioxide properly; then, the lungs fill up with excess air in this situation. Due to this, the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is disturbed, in which new oxygen can enter the lungs.


 And the lung muscles begin to get stressed due to this; the mesapia gets tired, and at the same time, the amount of lactic acid in the body without oxygen increases, which makes your body tired.
Therefore, it is most important that you breathe properly and exhale completely; friends, while running, you should take the breath deep and long so that the amount of oxygen goes higher than our body. We cover the same step in 5-6. It is also necessary to leave the mother-in-law in the best way you can breathe, so leave the mother-in-law as much as you breathed and then take the new mother-in-law later depends on the speed of our mother-in-law, if you are running slowly, then the breathing speed should also be reduced, and if you are running fast, then the breathing speed should also be fast.

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Head position

Those who look down while running, sometimes up, sometimes right, sometimes look left, this is a completely wrong way of running, while running, we should have our head completely in front of your head is tilted down or left to right. Then the neck muscles can stretch.

Foot position


Friends, this is considered to be the most important aspect of running. Most people have a question about running; when landing the legs, the feet should be on the feet, and most people keep the first eddy on the ground while running. The wrongest way to do the landing of the feet is because touching the ground on the ground brings all the weight of the body to the knees and if you run like this for a long time then there can be a problem in the knees and even if you bring the feet first. This is why try to have your foot on the ground straight; doing this will put pressure on all parts of the body, and you will not have any problems related to the knee and do not run on the road made of cement because the cement road is excellent. And due to their solidness, it will have a direct effect on your knees and may cause problems in your knees.


Friends, running 7 days a week is not good, the body should also give time to recover, so running 5 days a week is considered good for the body.

Perfect diet

While running, your whole body is out, and you need to eat healthy to recover the muscles, so all types of pulses, eggs, protein, green vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, etc. should be included in the diet per the convenience.

Run extras every day

Suppose if you are starting running from today, then first take a normal distance for about 1 week, but as your body opens up, the running time should also be increased. If you start 10 minutes in the beginning, then every day running, Try to increase one or 2 minutes.
Keep continuity

Friends, doing anything for two to 4 days is not perfect. To be good at anything, it is necessary to do it for a long time. If you want to increase speed or stamina, you must run at least 5 days a week to exercise your body. All the muscles will continue to do some stretching before running daily so that the sleeping mespasia of the body becomes fully active before running.

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