How dangerous can be mental suffocation?

Mental Suffocation

We all go through some stress and anxiety in our daily lives but do we ever realize how much it affects our peace of mind? Do we ever speak up to share our problems with others? If not, then why? Fear of judgments from the people around us? Read further to get all of your answers.

What leads to DepressionDepression?

People may think that some only crave attention, and their problems are only temporary and may heal with time. Not always all of the issues can be cured with time. Suffering from anxiety, stress, fear sometimes doesn't let you breathe, and you feel that suffocation in your mind every time! It makes you get lost in your thoughts, thoughts of being left alone, thoughts of being separated from the joyfulness of life, ideas that slowly pushes you towards ending your life. Depression, a common thing in the youth nowadays, causes a phobia of living. Depression has been an invisible enemy of all time.

An Invisible Enemy:

An Invisible Enemy has already taken so many innocent lives, and so many people are still fighting it within themselves.

Where nights are a wagon of pain, countless toss, and turn but sleep fails to join when the darkness of life becomes more visible in the dark. People often want to detach themselves from the hustles of life and chooses to be silent. Their minds are continually popping with thoughts that gradually becomes suicidal.

Life gets entangled in thoughts :

Not being able to share these feelings or thoughts only leads the sufferer to a more darkened path of his life where he slowly loses his faith in returning to his everyday happy life. Fighting with the causes is not easy; a person needs to gather all his strengths to stand up and push himself away from the monotonous part of his life. Not everyone receives support in this battle. In this situation, the person has to be dependent only on himself because no one tries to understand his part of the story.

There are thousands and thousands of people going through this dark phase of their lives, destroying their mental peace, suppressing their voices, and pushing them behind everybody else. Eventually, these people start losing their focus at work. Messed up with their thoughts and not knowing what to do or how to deal with their situation, they become discouraged from achieving what they have always wanted. Their goals start to blur in their minds.

Let's stop judging others:

Suffering from DepressionDepression is no joke. People going through DepressionDepression fail to speak up their problems, fearing the judgments they have to encounter. To go through DepressionDepression is not a shame, and it needs utmost attention like other health issues. Sadly, Mental Health issues lack much-needed attention in our country. So let us take this initiative to stop judging others, stop comparing and start to lend our up.. speak up whatever is destroying our mental peace before this "enemy" swallows the entire humanity!

Judging people bring down their self morale, pass negative energies, and sometimes question themselves. It would help if you always thought before departing on a statement or any comments because they directly affect others' minds. Sharing other's pain can help someone to lighten his heart. Let's make it a movement that 'Depressed people are not alone.'

The conclusion:

I hope this has helped you to look at your life from a different angle. You must always speak about your problems, if not to everyone but to your closed ones with whom you are comfortable. To lead a healthy lifestyle, stable mental health is very much important. Today am leaving here, and I hope to see you soon with another new blog. I hope you guys liked this, do share this with your friends and family because everyone needs stable mental health, right? 

Take care!❤️ 

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Riyaju Ahmad - Oct 1, 2020, 1:55 PM - Add Reply

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kuldip singh mengi - Oct 2, 2020, 3:21 AM - Add Reply

nice article

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