Are Super Humans Exists in Real Life?

Super Humans Really Exists.

Here are some of the superhumans who have some self-developed and inborn powers.


1. Super Runner

In Justic League you watched a man called The Flash who has ability to run faster than light and elecricity Similarly there is a man who is famous as super running man who's name is Dean Karnazes. He can run many hours without a single sleep. He is a american and also he ran in -13 degree celcius too. This man has run 350 miles without sleep and made world record. In 2006 He run continuously in every marathon race organised in his country. Science said that dean also a normal human but the transmission of signal from brain to muscles is not occuring in his body.



2. Super Reader    

You watches a movie Robot in which there is a scene where he read the books very fastly similarly there is a woman named Anne Jones. Jones is famous for his reading skill. she read 470 words in one minute snd world champion in nreading since 7 years. Also shge remember 67 % of his read words. She read Harry Potter book of 607 pages in just 47 minutes.

She can read 4251 words/min



3. Magnet Man 

Friends you watched X-men movie in which there is a man named Magneto, have power to attract metals. This film is Imaginary but in real there is  a man namedLeo Tholine who can control things made from metals. According to doctor some waves are generated from his body, which are capable to attract metallic objects.

Magnetic Man – Liew Thow Lin Unbelievable Super Power – Amazing Planet News



4. Super Reflex

You Already watched deadpool movie where deadpool can cut the bullet with his sword. Similarly there is a man Esso Machie who is famous for his super reflex. He can cut any object which is thrown towards him. He was tested by firing a bullet towards him and he cut the bulet into pieces.




5.Super Vision

You watch avengers movie in which Hawkeye an archerer can look far away without scope similarly there is a woman named Veronica who can look far away objects clearly and without and scope. She can identify small details of far objects easily,



6. Human Dolphin

You watched aquaman in movie who had ability to breathe under water.There is a man in real who can control his breathe under water for a long time. He also has many world records and now he teaches other people to control their breathe under water. This is all done because of regular practice and meditation.



7. Lion Whisperer

You might watched taarzen movie where a human has ability to talk to animals similarly , a Zologist Kevin Richerdsen has ability to communicate with animals and animals also do not harm him even he communicate with Lions, Tigers. It looks like animals also believe that he is their friend. He played with them and enjoy.

Kevin Richardson, The Lion Whisperer of South Africa



8. Human Computer 

You all done calculation all sometimes you might do some mistakes and take too much time to do calculations but do you believe that there is woman who is faster than anyone in matter of mathematics calculation, her name is Shakuntaladevi. She is an Indian . She made world record for calculating 13 digits equation in just 28 secoonds. 

Shakuntala Devi: A Human Computer


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