5 Types of girls

Cute girl, lovely woman, sexy girl, hot girl, angry girl, beautiful woman, Innocent woman, smart girl, shy girl! God is aware of what number adjectives can we ought to outline a girl? And seriously no 2 ladies area unit alike. we tend to don’t use a lot of adjectives to outline a person.

I mean boys area unit either smart boys or unhealthy boys. however ladies' area unit sophisticated. Finding the correct variety of women so far or to marry for a bloke is often very tough and knowing that ‘she’s the one for me‘ even trickier.

Understanding the feminine temperament traits are often frustrating for men. ‘My variety of woman‘ maybe a story and you only ought to break.

The girl code that separates between a b***h and a sweetheart! before swing up with somebody. and then here is that the final word guide to arrangeet|the globe} of ladies which is able to assist you to perceive the categories of ladies with whom you'll really plan your merrily ever when.

Well, we are able to hope so!


1. CLINGY woman

Super possessive, showing emotion constipated, permanent rutted eyebrows and a license to create your life hell area unit their full-time traits.

Their favorite words begin with ‘Where, when, who ANd why!’ occupation their boyfriends or husbands each 0.5 an hour is their favorite hobby and taking their boyfriends or husbands to their own friends, family, relative or maybe to their dogs is their favorite sport. they're like fevicol once connected to you they'll ne'er ever leave you.

Even the poor guy’s alone time within the lavatory creates them uneasy. Tears area unit their best friends and these very little things area unit simply cuter versions of stalkers!

The only feat to a different country will prevent. conjointly let her recognize that she has got to respect that tiny issue of yours known as ‘Space!’



Rude, arrogant, dominating, patronizing, obligatory superiority, and that I told you therefore woman United Nations agency would invariably play the boss of a guy’s personal life.

In fact, there’s nothing like personal once a bloke attaches with them. can|they're going to|they'll} begin deciding the garments of their men which are able to before long reach to deciding the undergarment colors and at last their clutches will gain the complete management of the poor guy finances at the side of his ATM card.

He ought to raise his dominating girlfriend before shopping for something for his mother, sister, auntie, or maybe himself from his own cash.

Such dominating ladies can invariably tell the poor guy however miserable his unworthy life was while not her! in fact, it’s their delusion however they don’t prefer to embark on their temperature of saving your life through their rare presence.

Shout, Shout and Shout! And yea ne'er throws away the controls of your life to her clutches.



Loud, sport, fun,over-enthusiastic, crying, laughing and exhausting this area unit the traits that produce one drama queen. For her, each state of affairs is super exaggerated! Your entire kin can fathom her miseries and happiness.

She would be a society woman and invariably need individuals around her. Why? as a result of one person’s sympathy merely doesn’t justify her existence and either manner excess is that the mantra of her life. traditional may be a silly issue and you're simply a crying shoulder and help for her social endeavors.

Dare you relax ever or sleep mutely at the comforts of your couches. She’ll cry and cry and call out loud until you surrender before her tantrums. The poor guy’s life would ne'er be same once more. Don’t ever surrender! Discuss aloud concerning necessary things in life like ‘Limits.



Crying, naive, poor, claimed innocence, dependent on you which of them primarily means your entire day can change state resolution her issues in life. you may haven't any time for yourself. it'll be invariably her mummy, her papa, her aunt, her bow-wow, and primarily her life.

Everything is going to be done therefore well and innocently that you just won’t even realize that you just haven’t had time in ages to appear when your issues.

you may be showing emotion blackmailed every day while not even realizing it and in some unspecified time in the future, once you realize that what proportion of it slow, energy, and cash you've got wasted on her it'll already be too late.

Runaway as before long as potential. Nothing will happen to the present species and if truth be told this area unit the foremost dangerous variety of girls. Why? as a result of they need a mask.



Cool, smart, happy, confident, know how to laugh, make fun of themselves, and invariably encouraging. they're like dream return true. they're dignified, honest, capable, and invariably able to lend their boyfriend's help.

They demand an area for them that really suggests that they respect their spousal equivalent area too. They will be operating and respect your work and area.

they're not an excessive amount of into mummy father issue therefore it would be that they don’t decide your mother everyday however that conjointly mean they'll ne'er play a villain in your life. they're simply too busy coping with their own issues and raising the extent of their living. a bit too immature which suggests no feminine crying and dying issue.

They’ll have the guts to drop any proposal many times before really swing up with the guy. Why? as a result of these assured girls recognize their price. If you stumble upon one notwithstanding however onerous it's to induce her. try to attempt onerous solely to ne'er let her go.

And affirmative ne'er try and interfere into her life! {the solely|the sole} flaw? Well, they unremarkably don’t exist only. The love here during this world is just meant to elevate every other’s life. The terrible purpose of falling into love and finding a relationship with somebody simply mean to search out somebody United Nations agency can have the spine to run with you in your ups and downs.

So if you live going downhills when swing up it’s simply a symptom of something/someone not right. My advice? Do lots of dates before really committing something to the woman.

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