Top 5 greatest basketball players of all time

In this modern era, basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. More then, in any other team sport, basketball allows for excellent players to make themselves stand out. A great player in basketball is a player who can take over the game and take their team to victory single-handedly. 

This sport has been in existence for a long time. And in these long years, basketball fans have seen a countless number of great players.

But of all those basketball stars, who was the greatest? I have done some research and found five players who have dominated the game and left a massive impact on a basketball game.

5) Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is one of the greatest Laker of all time. He was 6 feet 9 inches tall and played the point guard position. Before LeBron James came into the league, there may never have been a better all-around player then magic Johnson. He is a Laker icon, and he nearly average triple-double for his entire career, putting up 19.5 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 11.2 assist throughout his 16 years of employment. Magic Johnson's height was a significant asset for his position because the average point guard height is 6.2 feet, and because of his size, he could quickly look around the court and pass to anyone.

Magic Johnson's spectacular performance lead him to win 5 NBA championship. And he ranked fourth all-time value over replacement player for playoffs and the most excellent point guard of all time.

4) Shaquille O'Neil

Shaq was the most dominant center which the NBA has never seen to this day. Shaq uses to be the dominant force that couldn't be stopped. He uses to bully around the paint and score. No one could stop him once he was on the paint. He averages 23.7 points per game on any given night. Virtually all of which came inside the paint

Because of his dominant performance, he won four NBA championship throughout his career. 

3) LeBron James

LeBron James, who is also known as King James. He was the most hype player coming from highschool. He was called the chosen one. He had lots of expectations on his name. He debuted in NBA with his hometown team, Cleveland cavalier. Because he couldn't win a championship in Cleveland, he transfers to Miami heat and there he won two titles, and after that, he won one in Cleveland too. He is still playing in the league till today so that he can be the GOAT. But for now, he is in third place.

2) Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is also known as a black mamba. One of the most hardworking players. His idol was Micheal Jordon, so he designs his game after Micheal Jordan. His and Jordan game was Identical. He was 6.6 feet shooting guard.

The black mamba is tied for the first time with 15 all NBA selection, his 25 careers 50 points, and 5 NBA championship throughout his career rank him in 2nd most outstanding player of all time.

1) Micheal Jordan

The greatness himself Micheal Jordan, the GOAT of basketball. Most incredible person to touch the basketball ever. Micheal Jordan, the black Jesus who dominated the 90's. Jordan spends his majority of career in Chicago bulls. Where he won six championships, he was the greatest scorer NBA had ever seen. He was 6.5 feet shooting guard.

The Chicago bulls team he led in the 1990's features some seller roster, but he was the unquestioned leader as proven by the fact that he ranks the first time in win share per 48 minutes, in both regular season and playoffs

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