Women Role and Status.

It is rightly predicted that the female economy will have a global economic inspect greater than Russia, India and China.

In India a new power consumer group that of rural women is being highlights and taped extensively by brands. It is century 's survey, that masters of rural market series women consumers  in rural India bring out some very subtle and apparent changes taking place in small towns and villages throughout India. With education level rising and increase in number of women getting employed in rural India the family income is seen a rise and surge. This aspect coupled with greater exploser and usage of internet and mobile devices has brought transformation in rural consumer activities and landscape.


Data collection of unearths some very startling truth and shuns many myths on the consumer purchases process to our rural India. Demand recognition  is triggered by practical concern over currently used products getting obsolete. Some 46% of the respondents surveyed  cited  this  as the prime reason fir indulging in new purchase.Also the basic necessity and influence of family and friends work as additional triggers. This gives a clear direction to the marketer to make their marketing campaign which can tap into the opportunity bro replace consumer existing goods.

While collection data about products  mire than 50 percent of rural women depends on word of mouth. And rest depends on local mom and pop additions. This kind of survey can be guiding factor for marketers in identifying right influence ees in local community.

While evaluating different parameters of goods before making purchase as against famous nation, price does not account to be primary evaluative criteria for rural women. It is found that mire and more working women and non working women cited price effectively. Requirements of rural women are increasing day by day as their purchasing power is increasing. Branded product sale is to rural women is also found day by day .

Thus  women role in business is now playing major part as well as more education has made the women stta more stable. 

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