Will CORONA Follow us In 2021 ?

       We hear the word corona every time we wake up in the morning. The radio Plays Corona News, television Plays Corona news, Newspaper headline display COVID news, Internet news, social media, and many more to talk about display corona news.

Are we stuck with  Corona? Or will we get through it ?, This is the most complex topic and question right now. We have to be Followed by corona since the last month of 2019 and we are almost 10 months past from the date corona invaded our daily life.

Are we progressive toward finding new medical solutions to eradicate this might little creature out of this world completely or should we get used to living with this virus for the rest of our life? There are many more unknown questions and unsolved answers to this topic to date.

Corona Wrecked daily life

Corona came like a wrecking ball that struck hard in the global economy and more importantly it struck the normal living of the people. Many people are forced to isolate themself due to the fact that corona might get spread easily in the community.

People are more concerned about their physical health and now they are more important concern about the income problem. Now physical health is not only the concern of the people, the main concern is mental health, we see the suicidal rate has skyrocketed for the past six months.

People are more depressed and are suffocated from the abundance of restriction that is imposed in the public. People are resisting against the lockdown and other restrictions because now they are more concerned about how to earn money to sustain and buy general groceries.


Corona Current status

We see the COVID Cases around the world is rising in many nations and also dropping in a few nations.but if we talk about the total corona case around the globe that case by today is 33,342,536 and the total death is 1,002,978 according to  Worldometer. This is already crazy that the death rate has climbed up to  Million.No doubt the recovery Rate is very high as 24,655,329 people have gone back to normal life.

The top 5 countries with the highest number of Corona case areas :

1             USA                       7,321,465           

2             India                     6,078,200                          

3             Brazil                    4,732,309                          

4             Russia                   1,159,573           

5             Colombia             813,056                             

This data is till 20 September 2020

Hope this pandemic Covid-19 will soon come to an end and leave the rest of the world to live in harmony. We are bothered by this pandemic in one way or another. Many companies have been shut down, many schools have been shut so the children cannot go back to their regular class. Many people are working from home and it's monotonous as you cannot be socialized outside.

Taking into account what we really got from this Pandemic is that we learned how to live in a scarce situation, how to manage, we at least got some time to spend with family and also got to utilize the free time in different fields like learning new things and other. Finger crossed that hopefully this virus will soon getaway and we can go back to our day-to-day life and face the world as it was before the pandemic.



Prior Adhikary

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