Why Money is Important in Our Life? Know all about this with a story.

Why Money is Important in our Life to Know about:

The importance of money in human life is equal to the importance of food for the body. Just as you cannot live a few days without food, you cannot live a long day without money.

If you have limited money, then you can definitely solve most of life's problems.

If you have a lot of money: -

1. You can buy everything for comfort like home, air conditioner, TV, Frege, and other household items.
You can involve many servants to take care of yourself and live like a king.

2. You will not face the basic problems of life like food, water, shelter, or clothing.

The only problem is money, which does not come to any person just like any amount of desire, prayer, or desire. You have to work hard to make money, but there are many ways to make money in this world now but how you make money is up to you.

So, money is the solution to all problems; in fact, this money becomes the root of most people's problems.
Most people fail to strike a balance between earning money and enjoying it. They believe that more money means more joy. Therefore they work day and night; They will soon enjoy happiness, in this hope, make all kinds of compromises to earn money and suffer all kinds of pain. However, in most people, such a time never comes, and they die dissatisfied and dissatisfied.

With Story:

"How much land does a man need?"
"Leo Tolstoy" is a beautiful story that explains this nature of man.

A farmer named Pahom argues with his wife and sister-in-law about the city and the merits of the farmer’s farm life. He thinks to himself, "If I have lots of lands, I shouldn't be afraid of my own devil!" Satan is sitting behind the stove listening. Satan suddenly accepts his challenge and further says that he will give more land to Pahom and snatch everything.
Shortly afterward, a village landlord decided to sell his property. The village farmers bought as much of his land as they could; Pahom himself bought some land and lived a more comfortable life with his interest by mortgaging the extra land.
Later, he moves to a larger land in another commune here, where he can harvest more and collect a little fortune, but he has to harvest on rented land, which bothers him. Eventually, after buying and selling a lot of fertile and good land, he got acquainted with the Bashkirs and is said to be a simple minded man who owns a huge amount of land.
Pahom takes them to exchange their land for as low a price as he can. Their offer is very unusual: for a thousand rubles, Pohom can tour large areas of his choice, starting during the day, marking his path with a spade. If he reaches his starting point by sunset that day, the whole place of his route will be his, but if he does not reach his starting point, he will lose his money and get no land.

Pahom is happy as he believes he can cover a great distance and has been bargaining for a lifetime. He marked the land as late as possible, just before the sunset. Towards the end, he realizes that he is far from the starting point and runs back as fast as Kant to the waiting Bashkirs. He finally arrived at the beginning as soon as the sunset. The Bashkirs cheered him on, but he died of exhaustion.

His servant buried him in a common tomb six feet long, thus mocking the answer to the question raised in the story's title.

This story provides the most knowledge about money.
You must ask this question: "How much money does a person need?"
And then try to find the answer yourself.

Money is Important in Life?

in this time actually money is important in our life. All details know.

The reality of my life is that the need for money is essential to our lives. If you tell yourself that you need to eat something to satisfy your hunger? What will be your answer, then? Can you get something freely without spending money?
The various questions in the lists below are answered in different contexts:
1. You are living comfortably in your own home. But you have the desire to live in a big house, and you can't resist this temptation, but even if you sell the current house, you will need big money to make your big house, and you have no money. Can you achieve this adventure without money?

2. You have retired from the job without a monthly pension. Your family has a heavy responsibility. Can you manage without savings or any other thoughts?

3. You have decided to manage your daughter's wedding for which you have to spend at least 3 to 5 lakh rupees, but your income cannot be accumulated. You don't need money anywhere else to celebrate a wedding?
So money is a simple plug without which nothing can be done, why even a beggar needs money to survive. And where is the need for money? The world has enough money and resources, but what is the fate of what you want? The big question, and how do you make money is the borough question?

If you don't have money, no one will recognize you. Relationships and friendships hang indefinitely in front of others based on your merits; no one will care about you. At the moment, they will see that you are unable to handle things without interrupting them. Love and affection begin to put you in a bad situation to be drowning in negative emotions.

in this time how and what important money in life. its important rich or poor in life?

In this world, money refers to the real consciousness of earthly life. Money can be both problem solver and problem maker depending on specific problems. Just as consciousness creates an awareness of joy and pain, so does money create an awareness of being rich or poor. When money is plentiful, it can bring respect or disgrace in the pursuit of money.
Undoubtedly, money is the main reason for survival from beggar to one of the world's richest people. The only question that arises is how much is needed to fulfill his wish?
Some people have no value for money who have no shortage of money, while many people can't eat properly because they don't have money.

Conclusion: -

The main reason for living a low-cost free or high-priced luxury is money, and it is the most important key issue for the world.

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