Why Choosing a Blogging Platform is essential

The first step to start your blogging career is to choose a platform to start blogging. There are multiple platforms to start your blogging career. There are multiple blogging platforms available in the market but it is essential to choose the platform that suits you and your blogging niche the best.

Which Blogging Platforms are Available:

  • Blogger.com:

The most commonly used blogging platform is a blogger by google. Blogger is a google product and thus it is the first choice for beginners. Blogger is also famous for starting a new blog with zero investment as you can start with a free Blogspot domain provided by blogger and free hosting of bloggers only.


  • Free hosting and domain
  • Easy and very quick to share content


  • Has limited customization options available
  • Limited tools and features are available


  • Wordpress:

Most of the professional bloggers prefer the Wordpress platform for blogging purpose. It is widely used because of the features and tools it provides to it's users.


  • It provides the tools for great customization
  • Tools and features are beneficial for SEO optimization of the blog


  • Professional bloggers love it but new bloggers may face some difficulty to start blogging on Wordpress
  • Wordpress requires an investment. Blogging on Wordpress cannot be started with zero investment.


  • Wix.com:

Wix is also another blogging platform that has evolved in recent years. Wix also requires an investment to start blogging.


  • Provides tools for site customization


  • Requires investment to start blogging
  • It has started recently and thus doesn't have a lot of functions working properly.

My Views about the Best Blogging Platform:

In the above text, I told you the three best blogging platforms currently available currently in my opinion. So if you have decided which platform you should choose then it is ok. But still, if you are unable to choose the best one among the three and the best which would suit you then below written content will help you.

As a Beginner:

If you are a beginner and you have no information about blogging then you should start your blogging career from blogger only. It is because investing in a field in which you have zero knowledge may waste your money. Once you are a professional blogger and have a good amount of knowledge about blogging, SEO, backlinks, and many more aspects of blogging then you can scale up your blog by advancing it. You can do it by shifting your blogger blog to Wordpress. You can now also start on Wordpress directly.

As an Intermidiate:

As an intermediate blogger if you have the funds to invest on the domain and hosting then you should begin a blog in Wordpress only but if you want to first earn some money and then invest that money to scale up your blog then you can first earn money from your blog by either monetizing your blog with Google AdSense or other ad providers or by doing affiliate marketing on your blog.

I hope that the above-written content was helpful. I thin you have come to a conclusion and you are now ready to start your blogging journey today only. You can read my other articles here: My Articles

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