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One of the medicinal herbal ingredients is valerian

One of the medicinal herbal ingredients is valerian. Everyone who has now returned to the tradition will be aware of Vallara.

Vallara is not something that is available. It is easily available. Vallara is now easily available to spinach sellers. Vallarai can be grown at home if it is a waterlogged garden area.

It can also be called lettuce. One may ask whether Vallaraya is only for memory. No. Beyond that, they have a variety of medicinal properties. If you keep reading, you will understand.



Energy to the brain

If the brain is in balance, it can always come to a halt with freshness and energy. Vallara has such strength. That is why the proverb says do not wrestle with Vallara Undori.

Vallarai has a special place in the diet of foods that contain nutrients for the brain. Stimulates the nerves of the brain and helps to keep the memory alive at all times. The serotonin in valerian is important.

Adding Vallarai spinach to the diet of growing children twice a week will no doubt help them to develop a better memory.



Stains on teeth

Natural herbs always provide side effects-free protection for stained teeth. Some people start to get stains on their teeth due to smoking, gums and bleach. Growing children will also brush their teeth because they will not brush their teeth regularly.

Even more so if the yellow stained teeth are not corrected will be visible alone after growth. You can use a toothpick to remove stains from the teeth. If you dry and powder the spinach in the shade and rub it on your teeth every morning and night, the stains on the teeth will disappear. The gums are also strengthened.



Strengthens the eye

Able to do without the problem of eye sight. Early detection of problems such as eye irritation, redness caused by heat, and watery eyes can be treated with valerian.

Giving Vallarai spinach to children once a week will improve eyesight. Visual impairment can be avoided. Especially those who have night blindness problem can cure night blindness by drinking Vallarai spinach juice mixed with cow's milk. The benefit is visible if you continue to eat up to a zone.



The intestinal ulcer heals

Vallara can also be used for peptic ulcer. Like spinach, vallarai spinach is also used as a poultice. If you take four leaves of vallara and chew it in the morning and evening on the stomach and chew it on the sore mouth, the sore will heal.

If you have stomach ulcers or intestinal ulcers, chewing and eating green leaves can cure intestinal ulcers. Those who can't chew and eat Vallara can wash and eat Vallara. Definitely get the benefit.



Avoiding anemia

The problem that many people have today includes anemia. Homoglobin deficiency is increasing, especially in adolescents. Vallara significantly increases hemoglobin levels and prevents anemia.

Prevents anemia by increasing hemoglobin in the blood. Purifies the blood. Apart from these, the swelling caused by the tumors in the body can be reduced by grinding the valerian leaf on the tumors. In ancient times, grinding and rubbing the leaves of Vallarai to relieve body heat was common and would cure body irritation and skin problems. Let Valla also feature in the herbal powder that should no longer be in your home. Let Vallarai wash in the shower too. You can grind vallara and mix it with dosa flour and make dosa. In particular, it is suitable for all ages to the extent that they can not just say that they want to eat.

Frequent eating of valerian in the diet will increase the memory of small children. The risk of dementia decreases with age. Practice eating Vallarai without skipping anymore.

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