What Is the New Corona Strain?

We all hate its form, but it is also true that we have to deal with it. Since last year, we have been wondering when this virus will go. The highest estimate was made till 2021. But what happened! Now a new strain has come in the new year. Accordingly, it is also celebrating its new year. Jokes apart! Now that the new strain has come, we have unusual things to learn. In this article, we will discover a little about this new Corona strain.



New Strain Spreads Quickly

When we read the news of its first appearance in Britain, we thought that it would be a completely new virus that originated from the previous one. But the virus modifies itself. It does not have the power to produce any. Experts had said that it spreads more quickly, and this is the right thing. All countries have passed through the phase of lockdown. People have now got the freedom to roam and do what they do. Accordingly, the risk of spread of Coronavirus is high.



Modification from Our Body

It also happens that whenever a new virus enters our body, it could make changes on its own after interacting with our cells. Our body functions like a factory for any virus. If this virus is present in the body of an animal, then there is a slight opportunity. It is the ability in the body of a human being to give the virus a chance to be renewed.



New Species May Emerge

Coronavirus comes from very different species that can change on their own. We have seen the earlier version. This virus has many years of experience, and each year, it is trying to cause more damage. The receptor-binding domain has undergone a change with interactions. This receptor-binding domain plays a part while interacting with our cells. After it enters our body, the spikes have changed.



Existing Antibodies Are Not Enough

The antibodies produced after applying the vaccine in our body may or may not be active against new strains. Nobody knows better than the doctors who are fighting this. It may take us another year to deal with the new strain. Lots of years are required to understand the virus properly. The year 2020 was of global emergency, and the doctors had to work in a hurry. Now is the time for everyone to get together, follow the rules, be patient and move ahead in life.



The Approach Using Nanobots

If the game of modifications progresses, then it is sure that we could discover a different category. This class would be the one that is most capable of changing itself. A strain could be so intelligent that it can become more powerful after interacting with the vaccine. On that condition, we may have to go to a completely new approach. In this way, we can use nanobots.

Nanobots And Apoptosis

The method of sending nanobots from vaccination is now being undertaken. Nanobots can be used to kill coronavirus or any similar virus. Apoptosis initiation could also be an approach but presently, it is applied to cells. The virus's DNA is generally intelligent, and it can protect the virus. The programmed approach is very effective and can help against Coronavirus.



The Present Approach

Besides social distancing, it is important to wear masks and sanitize. It was necessary to do both those things in 2020, and we have to continue with them in 2021. People do not need to do research on this, but by following the rules, they can defeat this virus. There is a need to maintain patience. In the coming era, we can get new vaccines that have come after much research. Do not give up hope of a good time.



Final Thoughts

If seen from a different perspective, the new strain is not very deadly. But the way we are not following the rules can kill more people. We have already lost hundreds of millions of people. By not following the rules, we are motivating the new strain to kill us and nothing else. Countries are required to bring out more restrictions if people are not really agreeing. Finally, it is also time to accelerate the vaccination process. The process is our weapon against the virus.

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