What is covid-19?  How much did this affect us?


What is covid-19?  How much did this affect us?

 covid-19 made it challenging to get out of the house, but we survived and advised everyone to escape
 covid-19 is an epidemic that affected the country and abroad in a way that could not be imagined. Starting from China, it gradually made its way into other countries as well. Due to this, there have been many deaths, but living humans have started living lifeless. Its side effects have created an atmosphere of panic among the people. People lived a happy life; today, it has left everyone's happiness behind and became effective on everyone as sorrow. Ever since it originated, social distances also started to form. The people seemed to be present in the markets and squares; it forced everyone to stay in their homes.


   It seemed that nothing other than this in this world. Look wherever you see the effect. Once used to play even co-operative, but today even drums are not played. Don't know how long this anti-human epidemic will continue to see its deadly form. It is said that every night has dawned, but it has darkened it.


    Where we used to shake hands with friends, today we started getting scared to meet them too. It seems that it will not go smoothly, but it also does not reveal its perspective.

We spent the night in hotels; today, we are afraid to go in the day itself. It seems that it has an ancient enmity with humans. Don't know why you want to waste us even though we didn't say anything to it.


     Where the school buses used to walk on the roads, the desolation has started appearing today. Where we used to roam freely, today, this unrest has stopped. Once used to crowd at religious places, but today everything seems empty. It is so ruthless that it often makes the old and the children its prey. It listened to many of ma's laps and widowed many women. We were not like this, but this forced me to live with suffocation.


It came that he did not even have a chance to recover and came down to cruelty. One day we will get rid of it, but today's conditions are not seen. If it had been seen, it might have been killed by now, but it is not visible with eyes; it only attacks in secret.


    A week ago, I met a friend who had also put on a mask. Seeing me, he moved forward, but I told him to stop what he heard and started talking from afar. He had a show on his mouth, but I read his worrying face. When he and I started talking, he asked me to drink tea. I told him not to drink tea again. The friend who used to shake hands as soon as he met could not even come close. Now, what can we do? Only talk from afar.


 Build security in this era of covid-19 and help to protect people themselves.

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Musaib Zubair - Sep 29, 2020, 5:27 AM - Add Reply

Good Effort Bro!

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Nishant Pokhrel - Sep 29, 2020, 8:41 AM - Add Reply

So nicely described

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