What have changed in our lives due to the lockdown?

Today, in this article, we will tell you how the lockdown has changed our lives. People are imprisoned in their own homes due to the lockout. Till yesterday, the people who used to depend on Kamwali Bai today are doing the same work on their own; today, they are doing everything from cooking and cleaning utensils to wiping. There is no doubt that the coronavirus has made people self-sufficient. So what we have learned about the changes that have occurred in our lives due to lockdown.

Let us now know more and what changes have come in our life.

Change in cleanliness - Earlier people did not pay attention to cleanliness; they did not keep cleanliness, but today there is a lot of change in cleanliness. Earlier people did not wash their hands even after coming from outside, but now they wash their hands well. Corona epidemic has forced people to keep clean; we did not understand the importance of cleanliness when going out, when you touch the railing balcony while traveling in a bus, standing anywhere in the metro, in the metro, somewhere Even sitting, you do not know how much dirt is in those places, do you do if you chew nails casually, put a finger in your nose, which was included in our routine now slowly Area is finished. Still, the Corona epidemic forced to keep them clean, so thus brought changes in our lives.

Affection with family - Relationships have been strengthened in this lockdown. People have got time with themselves. People were so busy with work that they did not get time. Lockdown and Corona have supported the family relationship of the people. This cannot be denied. Those who were running away from the family until yesterday is also missing the family today. Due to the lockdown, people have got an opportunity to spend time with their children and family, which will result in pleasant results in the future. This considerable change has occurred in this lockdown.

Reduction in carnivore - In this lockdown, there has been a decrease in non-vegetarian diet or not; in this lockdown, people have realized that the people eating chicken, mutton chicken, have stopped because people slowly understand this Is that carnivores can cause diseases. In the early days of Corona, people had given up on chicken, due to which the poultry farmers in Maharashtra had lost lakhs. In contrast, the Ministry of Health has clarified that no confirmation of an outbreak of Corona from chicken has yet been found.

Work from home - People are working from home in this lockdown. Even after the lockdown is over, many companies are ready to work from home. After the lockdown, work from home (office work from home) can become a trend Because, in the case of work from home, no setup is required in the office for the employee. Apart from this, there are no other expenses, like electricity and water. Many such companies are already providing work from home. This is also a big change in this lockdown.

Change in Reconciliation - Due to Corona, the way of reconciliation has changed a lot, earlier people used to shake hands and hug with their close ones, but now it is not that people are afraid to go near each other. Our lives have changed a lot; now, everyone will be frightened of hugging and shaking hands.

Self-reliance - Since childhood, our parents teach that sons learn to do their work, but children do not pay much attention to the parents' talk. Some people also believe that girls should do housework, boys at home Do not work. Now boys who do not do household work. Such people depend on hotels, tiffins, or companies that deliver food online, but the lockdown showed that learning domestic products No matter how important. The most troublesome people are facing lockouts. And now those people also have to do household work, and what they can do, now they are cooking by learning from mobile, this is also a big change.

In this article, we have learned how our life has changed due to lockdown, if you liked my article, then definitely give your opinion in the comment box.

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