Top nine points why India and the world needs population Education.

1. To review the population explosion: In approximately all countries of the ins is an immediate population expansion. The population explosion masquerades a tremendous challenge to people's social, economic, and political lives.

 India has presently attained 1,387,297452 of its population in 2020 scrutiny. The dangerous condition has necessitated the inclusion of population education in the school curriculum so that the upcoming age should be prepared and familiar with this issue.

2. To inspection, the ill impacts of over-population: Education is craved to overhaul the ill effects of over-population: Population education is expected to examine the fatal effect of over-population like rising poverty, inflation, unemployment, illiteracy, nourishment deficit, lodging deficit, and over-crowding that is air, water, land, etc.

3. Trial for effective citizenship: Population education is implied for readying the inexperienced age, for vital citizenship through educating them to countenance certainties of the coeval living.

4. Economic Development: Over-population has influenced the economic development of our country is merely one-seventh of Russia and one-third of America.

 But India is the second-largest country in the population because Indian beds are more fertile than Indian fields. Indian population is vastly extra than of Russia. And America together.

 Economically India is far behind than these countries, then how can India yearn to come out of this situation.

5. A higher standard of living: Population education is required to et a higher standard of living. The more the population. The lower the standard of living and the lesser the population, the higher is the standard of life.

 It is tough to survive like in such conditions.

6. Awareness to the younger generation, The younger generation is the future asset of the nation. This generation should be aware of ill effects of population in the whole world so that we can restrict the over-population in the global level

 Therefore how crucial it is to know the population education for everyone.

7. Planned adult life: It's very significant for our adult age to be designed about the fatal effects of over-population. Our generation is reaching at that stage where they have to get bound in the reproduction process without knowing the deadly effects of over-population.

 Therefore, our younger generation should know what over-population can prove for them in the future. Hence population education plays a vital role in checking the ill effects of over-population

8. Protecting modern civilization: We must defend our modern young boys and girls by giving them population education. It should be provided to them with the help of launching seminars and debates in schools. Young modern girls and boys were losing control when they got the opportunity of physical relations without knowing the harmful effects of population explosion.

 There should mandatory population educate subject in schools so that our younger modern generation can be aware of it.

9. Population education is necessary for those who give birth more babies to get a male child: It very important for those couples who differentiate between a girl baby and a boy.

 Therefore when they can't get a male child, they continue to give birth more population to get a male child. That's why population education is .needed


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